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Bill Mugavin

Bill Mugavin

Senior Leadership Development Consultant

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Why FlashPoint? “We look out for the client’s best interest—not just our bottom line. And the people are absolutely wicked smart, fun, and real.”

You’ll find him carrying out his personal mission to reduce the stress leaders endure by increasing their professional competence, confidence, and engagement (and to help them pay those lessons forward). Clients connect with Bill’s extensive leadership and business experience.

Before FlashPoint: Bill brings to the FlashPoint team lessons from his 25 years of management experience in the nonprofit, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries. His background includes operations management, training management, and international consulting at large global firms, including HSBC North America, where he led global teams in training, customer service, collections and other operational areas. Bill learned by trial and error, observation, and study, and his goal as a consultant is to help others learn from his experiences so they can improve efficiencies, organizational design, and leadership effectiveness.

Education and Expertise: Bill has a Master of Science in education with a specialization in training and performance improvement. He’s a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA) and is Coaching for Performance certified. Bill is also a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®, a Certified Everything DiSC® Facilitator, a Five Behaviors® Accredited Facilitator, and The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Certified Facilitator.

After Work Hours: Bill likes to spend time with family, play and listen to music, and watch South Park and Family Guy. He especially loves beach vacations, but no matter where he’s traveling, he’s sure to make a stop to the local Hard Rock Cafe so he can add one more pin to his collection.

Style: Bill is a D on the DiSC® Profile.

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