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<p>Every person has the power to do amazing things, and we want to help everyone achieve his or her fullest potential. Coaching helps people become better leaders, exert more influence throughout organizations, maximize their strategic contributions, and move their companies forward.</p> <p>Every person has the power to do amazing things, and we want to help everyone achieve his or her fullest potential. Coaching helps people become better leaders, exert more influence throughout organizations, maximize their strategic contributions, and move their companies forward.</p>


Every person has the power to do amazing things, and we want to help everyone achieve his or her fullest potential. Coaching helps people become better leaders, exert more influence throughout organizations, maximize their strategic contributions, and move their companies forward.


Whether you have a need to coach an individual leader or are looking to streamline and outsource your coaching program, FlashPoint has a solution for you.


Individual Coaching: From Executives to Leaders
Outsourced Coaching With FlashPoint
New Leader Assimilation
Individual Coaching
Coaching Skills Development
Team or Group Coaching
Case Studies, Resources, and Blogs

Individual Coaching

Our coaches work with all levels of leaders to prepare them for career advancement and maximize their individual impact. Throughout the engagement, our experienced coaches use assessments, one-on-one sessions, and tools to keep the participant focused and moving forward. To increase accountability, we involve the manager in regular check-ins to provide just-in-time feedback on progress.

Individual coaching includes: 

  • Executive coaching
  • High-potential coaching
  • Team leader coaching 
  • Emerging leader coaching
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Outsourced Coaching Partner


Streamline and centralize your coaching with FlashPoint

Why Outsource Coaching With FlashPoint?

Working with an external coaching provider like FlashPoint with expertise and experience can save organizations both time and budget over the long term. You'll be able to more cost-effectively ramp up coaching opportunities, while following a process so each participant has a consistent experience.

It can be difficult to show impactful results when you have many disconnected coaches working with your leaders. By centralizing your process, your coaching program will be more consistent, aligned to your goals, and demonstrate impact. When you partner with us, we: 

  • Work with you to set the overall strategy and framework
  • Manage the process and logistics, including coach meet-and-greets and selection 
  • Develop consistent tools that coaches, leaders, and their managers use throughout the engagement
  • Assign coaches who share a similar approach and philosophy but who bring unique strengths and coaching styles
  • Provide quality control and assurance
  • Deliver progress updates and report on outcomes
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When a new leader joins a team, priority one is to establish a solid foundation with the team. Whether you've hired a new leader to join an existing team, promoted an employee to lead an existing team, or asked a leader to take charge of a newly formed team, having a proven process to support the team and the individual can be an early difference-maker. 

If your are looking for an in-depth solution for new team leader development, our New Leader Assimilation process includes both group coaching/team support, as well as individual coaching.

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Coaching Assessments

We use a variety of assessments in our coaching engagements to help leaders increase self-awareness, identify potential barriers to success, and gain focused context for action planning. Coaching assessments help leaders better understand:

  • Behavioral styles
  • Leadership/management skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Team effectiveness
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Coaching Skills Development

Leaders who know how to coach are much stronger at engaging employees and achieving higher performance. To improve your leaders’ coaching abilities, we offer a variety of coaching skills programs. These programs help leaders gain an in-depth understanding of the coaching process, develop crucial coaching skills and competencies, and practice using those skills with real work situations.

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Team or Group Coaching

Whether you have an intact team or a cross-functional group of leaders, our coaches support personal and team growth. These coaching engagements often focus on creating connectivity, promoting accountability, and improving engagement.

Our experienced coaches help teams identify where they want to focus development and create action-oriented solutions. Teams meet in a series of in-person or virtual sessions, and coaching is geared toward their unique needs.

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Focused, personalized attention accelerates the development of leaders. Learn how our high-performance coaching is helping companies grow leadership skills and make their businesses more competitive.

Resources and Blogs

Coaching Tips for Leaders: Maximizing leadership potential on your team starts with coaching. These five tips can help managers and HR and L&D professionals to develop leadership capabilities on their teams through coaching.

Coaching Powers People to Become Leaders: Effective coaching develops ordinary people into people of power—people who become leaders.

Coach Your Employees Like a Geocacher: A five-step guide to finding the hidden treasures of potential in your direct reports and employees by incorporating coaching into your relationships.

Change Your Most Undesirable Habit…Now!A change process led by a skilled coach can dramatically affect one’s life and work. This five-point guide demonstrates how a coach and an executive work together to bring awareness and change to a limiting behavior.

Solving the Problem of High-Potential, Relationship-Challenged Executives: The higher a manager rises, the more important relationship skills become. Executives who are unable to influence and engage others may benefit from these three tips.

A Guide to Making Deliberate Practice a Daily Habit—from Kouzes, Posner, and DadDeliberate practice is described as the intentional, sustained practice or rehearsal of skills in order to develop a higher level of competence and performance. You can practice self-coaching to become a better leader with deliberate practice.

Trends and Benefits of Coaching in the Workplace [Infographic]: Providing coaching support to leaders helps them execute strategy, manage through dynamic change, and engage their employees. These 4 statistics can help you gain buy-in for coaching.

A Case for Coaching IntegrationCoaching is best when integrated into leadership development programs to create vertical development: bigger minds, a more cognitive approach to addressing challenges, and an ability to address complexity in the workplace in a way horizontal development can hardly touch.

How Coaching Develops Leaders: 3 BenefitsNew pathways, new habits, and new behaviors take time and continued effort. Finding a trusted coach to work with over time increases the likelihood that leadership development will really work and be sustained, with lasting impact on business success.

I’ve Implemented Coaching, But Now What?: The impact of coaching can be measured using 5 levels: reaction, learning, implementation, business impact, and return on investment (ROI).

Coaching as a Tool to Develop Leaders: Learning is an iterative process that takes intention, focus, and (optimally) a good coach who asks powerful questions positioned at the right moment.

Group Coaching: 8 Benefits for Your OrganizationGroup coaching can serve many different needs and have a variety of benefits for organizations, whether your team needs to be better connected or more accountable.

How to Deal with Emotional Reactions to FeedbackCoaches can support a leader and defuse a difficult feedback session by understanding why people fear and react to feedback. You are not only dealing with what is current in the leader’s world, but his or her history, how he or she is “wired,” and his or her beliefs about what feedback means.

Ask Questions Like a Coach to Increase Employee Engagement: Organizations know the impact of coaching can be intensified by developing leaders to adopt coaching skills in their role and creating a culture of coaching to experience the same benefits.

4 Ways Coaching Grows LeadersThe best approach to developing leaders is the one that maximizes their potential as well as their possible impact on the organization. Organizations benefit from the sharpened focus and expanded thought process that individual leaders develop by working closely with a coach, while individual leaders benefit from the exponential growth and targeted development opportunities.

Conversational Intelligence for Coaches and Leaders: Conversational intelligence is “the hardwired ability in all humans to connect, engage, and navigate with others.” In other words, it is “we-centric” leadership–exactly the kind coaches and manager-coaches strive for.

7 Tips for Managers to Become a Better Coach: Every manager has opportunities to incorporate coaching skills into their relationships with employees, even in fields where processes and structures make it challenging.

8 Essential Ingredients for Adopting a Coaching Mindset TodayWith clear direction and guidance from a coach, the coachee will be able to solve his or her own problems and broaden his or her thought processes. Adopting a coaching mindset will facilitate the coachee's learning and reflection.

3 Coaching Scenarios in the Workplace Right Now: Manager-coaches should take advantage of these three opportunities for coaching conversations: a career goals conversation, a performance opportunity, and a performance evaluation.

Coach to the Max White paper: Why does coaching work sometimes, but other times, not so much? This white paper dives into coaching—the why, the what, and the how—to help demystify and decipher the best coaching options to develop your leaders.

Coaching to Outperform the Norm Case Study: Read about how FlashPoint worked with a client to design and implement a culture of coaching. In this download, you'll be able to read about the client's challenge, participants, results, and the solution we implemented.

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Each company is unique, so coaching can’t succeed as a one-size-fits-all approach. 

To customize the coaching experience, we:

  • Consider the particular needs of those being coached
  • Focus intently on finding the right coach for each leader
  • Utilize a variety of assessments to heighten self-discovery
  • Provide a structured yet flexible process that empowers each leader to meet his or her goals
  • Work with each leader and his or her manager to define what success looks like and how best to measure it
Transform your business through coaching.
Create lasting impact.
Contact FlashPoint today.