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Sam Bhattacharyya

Sam Bhattacharyya

Associate, Client Services

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

Blog entries by Sam Bhattacharyya

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Why FlashPoint? "What got me really excited about FlashPoint was the people! FlashPoint is like nowhere I have worked, but how every company should be; everyone is genuine and has a passion to help others become the best they can be. I previously had the opportunity to do some leadership/DiSC training and I really enjoyed it. More than that, I saw how it positively affected the interactions and relationships with the people around me, and I’m excited to help bring that same opportunity to leaders."

You’ll find her: Coordinating with the team and clients to meet each project’s individual and unique needs. No two projects are the same, so attention to detail and thorough communication are her top priorities! Providing a smooth process and great experience with fruitful results can be a challenge, but is something she always strives for.

Before FlashPoint: "I was a Mortgage Loan Originator/Advisor and loved helping others achieve their goals. Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing, I always enjoyed getting to know ‘the why’ and helping my clients achieve their goals. Dreams turn into goals as soon as you start planning and I am a planner! Prior to that, I worked in sales and at a telecommunications company. I have always enjoyed getting to work with clients to discover and meet their needs, and I look forward to continuing that at FlashPoint."

Education and Expertise: Samantha has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ball State University and is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) from PMI.

After Work Hours: She enjoys kicking back with her husband and fur babies! She previously thought there could never be enough, but having three dogs and a cat taught her better. There is always some kind of DIY project going on at the house which keeps things lively, and what’s life without a little chaos? She also runs her own business, so more chaos, but hey . . . it’s never boring.

Style: Sam is a Di on the DiSC® Profile.