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#1 Provider of The Leadership Challenge®

Why Invest in The Leadership Challenge?


Leadership development is an essential business strategy


Leadership development is an essential business strategy. Invest in what works.

The Leadership Challenge® is a research-based development program that increases the leadership potential of anyone, at any level, and in any organization. Developed from ongoing research over 30 years, The Leadership Challenge is comprised of a full suite of programs, workshops, materials, training, and solutions, all designed to teach the behaviors that are proven to increase leadership results.

The Leadership Challenge Workshop is uniquely suited to benefit any organization because it is adaptable, learnable, and easy to implement. At the program's heart, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model is the framework that brings a common language to all levels of an organization. Activated by the powerful LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® assessment, The Leadership Challenge unlocks the power of great leaders.  

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge book has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. Developed from over 30 years of research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, it is a tested and proven method for developing leadership effectiveness of any leader in organizations. It is based on the simple idea that leaders, teams, and organizations improve when ordinary people enable those around them to achieve incredible things.

The Leadership Challenge® is based on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model, endowing participants with a common leadership language and set of behaviors linked to effective leadership. It uses the powerful LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® assessment to gauge the leadership skills and effectiveness of any leader, regardless of position. The program is ideal for any organization because it is adaptable, learnable, and easy to implement.

Anyone can be a leader and The Leadership Challenge® helps participants learn how to mobilize others to get extraordinary things done as a leader. A variety of programs based on The Leadership Challenge are available to train your emerging leaders, managers, senior executives, and other leaders.

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The Leadership Challenge Public Workshops

Our Public Workshops for The Leadership Challenge® are a two-day, highly interactive experience offered four times a year in Sonoma, California. Highly skilled facilitators bring the philosophy, principles, and lessons of The Leadership Challenge® to life for workshop attendees. Attendees can expect a rigorous, effective program delivered using content-rich lectures, group discussions, workbook exercises, video case studies, and team problem-solving.
Participants will learn to apply the research-based Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in their current roles, followed by building a personal leadership development plan to implement new leadership practices in their daily actions. With a plan of action in-hand for taking the key learnings from the workshop back to the workplace, leaders are prepared to implement new leadership practices back at work.

Learn what participants say about how to make the most of The Leadership Challenge Public Workshop.

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Leadership development is an investment; our goal is to help you maximize the return. As the #1 provider of The Leadership Challenge, we not only provide training to organizations, we offer the full suite of The Leadership Challenge Workshop materials and assessments.

The evidence-based content can be delivered to leaders in departments across your organization, from emerging leaders to senior executives. Our clients enjoy the following delivery options, as well as the public open enrollment programs we hold throughout the year in beautiful Sonoma, California.

“FlashPoint is steadfastly committed to making The Leadership Challenge® the best leadership development process you’ll ever experience. I know that FlashPoint will be your ideal business partner, and I recommend them with complete trust and confidence.”
—Jim Kouzes,
Co-author, The Leadership Challenge

The Most Trusted 360° Assessment of Its Generation

The Most Trusted 360° Assessment of Its Generation

The research-based assessment incorporated into The Leadership Challenge is the LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory, the best-selling and most trusted 360-degree assessment of its generation. The LPI helps individual leaders measure the frequency with which they demonstrate The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and activates them based on their discoveries. 

In addition to individual feedback reports, we can also provide in-depth reports that enable your organization to gain insight into entire groups of leaders with the group summary report or compare results over multiple assessments with the reassessment report.



We hold our workshops in beautiful Sonoma, California: The Leadership Challenge Workshop is followed by an optional Facilitator Training.

Workshop Calendar:

  • March 5–9, 2018
  • June 18–22, 2018
  • September 11–14, 2018
  • November 5–9, 2018



As the No. 1 provider of The Leadership Challenge, FlashPoint has a proven record of delivering rigorous and engaging content that benefits leaders and their organizations for years to come.

Whether you want to attend a public workshop, be trained as a facilitator, or bring a customized in-organization solution to your organization, with FlashPoint you'll find solutions that are measurable and lasting.


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