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LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® Assessment

Organizations Trust The Leadership Practices Inventory® to Develop a More Motivated and Productive Workforce

Used by more than five million people globally, the LPI® 360: Leadership Practices Inventory® is a 360-degree leadership assessment that provides a roadmap and simple leadership language that anyone can use to become a better leader.

As the #1 Provider of The Leadership Challenge®, we not only provide training to organizations, we also offer the full suite of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop materials and the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® 360-degree assessment instrument.


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The LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® is a 360-degree leadership assessment and the most trusted source for becoming a better leader.  It is a  research-based, validated and proven instrument for developing leaders. The LPI® 360 is an integral component of  The Leadership Challenge® Workshop,  and we also offer the LPI 360 as a stand-alone option to complement your leadership development program, academy, or high-potential development plan.

The LPI® is a highly effective tool for:

  • Leadership development
  • Team development and team building
  • Benchmarking a leader, team, division, or organization
  • Creating an employee development plan or IDP
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • A retention strategy for emerging leaders

Over five million individuals have used the LPI® as the first step toward reaching their personal leadership development goals, clearly demonstrating what three decades of ongoing research affirms: leadership can be taught, and anyone can learn leadership skills.


Use the Leadership Practices Inventory In Your Organization



As the largest provider of The Leadership Challenge, we provide in-house training to organizations as well as the full suite of workshop materials and the LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory 360-degree assessment:

You can purchase the LPI, materials, or inquire about custom programs by contacting us at orders@flashpointleadership.com; or calling 317-229-3035. We offer a variety of options to support your organization with The Leadership Challenge:

  • LPI® Administration + Materials: We support you every step of the way to maximize participation and enable each participant to receive valuable feedback.
  • Mindmarker Reinforcement: FlashPoint’s mobile app reinforcement program helps participants apply new skills after the workshop.
  • Public Workshops: Our workshops are facilitated by highly skilled Certified Masters who bring the philosophy, principles, and lessons of The Leadership Challenge to life.
  • Facilitator + LPI Coach Training:  Attend to increase your understanding of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to facilitate The Leadership Challenge Workshop in your organization or provide individual LPI coaching to your leaders.
  • Custom In-Organization Solutions: We provide customized training and support, catering the content to support your business goals.
  • Virtual, Instructor-Led Programs: With a variety flexible options, our instructor-led programs can be delivered entirely online using interactive features to bring The Leadership Challenge to life.


A Global Solution

Leadership Oractices Inventory Lpi

The world-class LPI® is the foundational assessment of The Leadership Challenge®. The assessment was developed by authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner to quantitatively measure the frequency of behaviors within The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®: the practices and behaviors that strong leaders demonstrate, based on more than 30 years of research.

These practices are: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

Each of these practices reflect the behaviors that effective leaders regularly engage in. Leaders who increase the frequency with which they exhibit these behaviors are able to increase their effectiveness and help others see them as an even better leader.  

Model-the-Way Inspire-a-Shared-Vision Challenge_The_Process Enable-Others-to-Act encourage_the_heart

The LPI® is one of the most widely implemented, extensively researched leadership development 360 instruments, worldwide. It is now available in multiple languages: English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Leadership Coaching With The LPI®

Coaching with The LPI® builds leadership capabilities by providing leaders with support and accountability throughout their leadership development process.

Coaching helps leaders move from intent to action and reinforce what they learned. FlashPoint's coaches bring out the best in each leader using the feedback received with the LPI®, and organizations investing in coaching have found a return of more than seven times their initial investment.

LPI Debrief

An LPI debrief with each participant following the workshop provides more personalized attention. During these confidential sessions, a coach guides the leader through the LPI® feedback discussion, action planning, and execution. The coach will work with each individual one-on-one to discuss his or her LPI® assessment results in depth and to develop an action plan for moving forward and putting key behaviors into practice.

Individual LPI Coaching

Individual coaching helps participants own the value of the feedback and connect the 30 behaviors and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to the leader’s workplace and leadership challenges. Participants take actionable steps in demonstrating effective leadership behaviors and create a written leadership development plan to enlist their manager and constituents in their developmental efforts. Between coaching sessions, leaders will complete challenging practical exercises directly related to their personal leadership development goals. 

Group Coaching

FlashPoint's coaches work with smaller groups of leaders on challenges and opportunities for growth, while also providing participants with more personalized attention. Group coaching gives participants the opportunity to cross-share tips and techniques to improve and creates a safe environment for leaders from different teams across the organization to discuss their LPI® feedback and progress on action plans.

What is the LPI® Workshop?

Bring the Workshop to your Organization:


Delivered in-person or virtually, the LPI® Workshop is a research-based, proven method to increase leadership effectiveness. FlashPoint facilitators can lead a 2-hour or 4 hour session built around the Five Practices of Exemplary

Activated by the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® 360-degree assessment, participants receive a detailed feedback report, helping them to identify how they can become a more effective leader. The Workshop is a highly interactive experience where participants receive deep insight into their effectiveness as a leader, plus guidance to increase their impact, along  with valuable feedback from managers, coworkers, and others who have direct experience with them in a leadership role.


A global training partner and the #1 provider of The Leadership Challenge, FlashPoint is a proven expert in LPI® administration, coaching, workshops, and reinforcement. From set-up to final report, we support participants through the LPI® process (and beyond, with digital reinforcement and LPI coaching). Our goal is to work with you to uncover your most pressing leadership and team needs and to work with you long-term to provide creative and measurable results.

“The Leadership Practices Inventory is the best-selling and most trusted leadership tool of its generation.”