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Anna Zimmerman

Anna Zimmerman

Leadership Development Consultant

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Why FlashPoint? "I love being a part of a team that brings curiosity, empathy, and excellence to everything they do! FlashPoint cares deeply about our clients and working alongside organizations to develop healthy leaders, teams, and workplaces. And I’m so grateful to say that we don’t just share these lessons with others; we practice them daily! I’m also so proud to work for a woman-founded and woman-run leadership development firm!"

You’ll find her excited to connect with clients in workshop settings and one-on-one. Anna loves facilitating groups and helping people unlock what might be keeping them stuck. Anna is passionate about helping people stay curious about themselves and the world around them. She’s energetic and action oriented. Got an idea? Let’s try it, learn from it, and try again!

Before FlashPoint: Anna brings over a decade of experience as a professor of communication. She earned tenure at Marian University in Indianapolis and earned an inaugural campus-wide teaching award for her work in the classroom. She’s coached competitive speech and debate teams, directed peer-to-peer communication coaching centers, and worked closely alongside colleagues to build new curriculum and opportunities for undergraduate students. Most recently, she worked for Indianapolis-based tech startup MakeMyMove. In this job, she worked alongside communities to share their stories with potential new residents. 

Education and Expertise: Anna has a Ph.D. in rhetoric and communication from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, a master’s in strategic communication and leadership from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida, and a bachelor’s in French from Berry College in Rome, Georgia. 

After Work Hours: You can usually find Anna outside: in her garden, riding her bike, going for a walk, playing with her two spunky little girls, hanging out with neighbors or reading a book on a patio. She loves going dancing with her friends (line dancing is next on the list to try!), playing trivia with her husband, practicing yoga, and trying new recipes from the New York Times cooking app. She loves an adventure and is always interested in checking out a local festival! 

Style: Anna is an i on the DiSC® Profile.