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Joanna Sears

Joanna Sears

Project Manager, Client Services Team Lead

Based in Maineville, Ohio

Blog entries by Joanna Sears

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Why FlashPoint? “At FlashPoint, the work we do and the connections we make matter, not just on a professional level, but a personal level. Leadership behaviors, philosophies, and actions don’t just translate into the workplace, they translate into all scenarios of life! We are privileged to get to walk hand in hand with individuals who are on a journey to better themselves. Our team makes an impact on people, and they in turn make an impact on us. Growth all around!”

You’ll find her exemplifying ‘do what you say you will do’ (DWYSYWD) by offering support to teammates, managing details, and building meaningful and lasting relationships with teammates and clients alike. Joanna is always focused on setting clients and their leaders up for success, especially by communicating clearly and ensuring accuracy in everything she does. She enjoys creating clarity and taking the extra step to allow a smooth experience for clients.

Before FlashPoint: Joanna discovered the joy in connecting with people and helping them reach personal goals while working at her local YMCA during and after college, which later translated into a passion for leadership and personal and professional development. She worked for seven years as a customer success manager, administering the Leadership Practices Inventory® and other assessments.

Education and Expertise: Joanna holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a concentration in twentieth century women's literature.

After Work Hours: Joanna is actively involved with her church, singing on the praise team. She also loves spending time with her husband and two young kids, laughing, dancing, singing, and playing. She has a passion for nutrition and fitness, cultivated from her time working at the YMCA and her own journey to wellness, so she strives to keep her family active and healthy.

Style: Joanna is a CS on the DiSC® Profile.

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