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Lauren Parkhill

Lauren Parkhill

Brand Engagement Strategist

Based in Sonoma, California

Blog entries by Lauren Parkhill

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Why FlashPoint? I love the “creative and measurable” brand promise that FlashPoint delivers. Our clients need to retain and engage leaders, and also show results and ROI. We create resources and solutions to help them get that important work done and be heroes in their organizations.

You’ll find her working with the marketing team to create valuable content, research and write blog posts, and develop emails that provide meaning to our clients (and potential clients).

Lauren creates infographics and curates content that helps our clients navigate the complex resources and research available on leadership best-practices, employee engagement trends, and what’s current in leadership development, team effectiveness, and coaching.

If you enjoy what we share on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, then you are interacting with Lauren—she curates news and views and searches far and wide for what you need to know is trending or impacting leaders and teams. Lauren also develops webinars that share not only the latest research, but how FlashPoint can help you meet your organizational goals.

Before FlashPoint: As a former web producer, and marketing director wearing a lot of hats, she loves to build, design, and create and curate meaningful content. She is grateful for her experiences working at a tech startup, where flexibility and agility were prized. However, she is more grateful lately to be part of an awesome team. Lauren is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn from others or to ask “How can we make this better?”

Education and Expertise: Lauren has a bachelor’s in American Studies from University of California Santa Cruz, where she focused on art history and architecture, and took classes in front-end web design. Soon, she found herself in the leadership and training field, where she has applied her love of tech, design, and marketing ever since. As a designer, she loves to translate data into infographics that help tell a leadership story, action plan, or cautionary tale. 

 After Work Hours: On the weekends (and often on weeknights) you will find Lauren cooking, gardening, designing, learning about wine with her husband, and playing with their German Shepherd.