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Management Vitals™

Ensure Your Managers are Equipped to Manage and Lead

Effective Managers Start With Effective Training


Management Vitals™

Research shows that one of the most common reasons for employee turnover is bad management. Employees often leave organizations because of their direct manager.

Management Vitals™, a FlashPoint original program, is a proven and practical solution that equips managers with the fundamentals of management, so your employees stay put.


What is Management Vitals™?



Management Vitals™ is a FlashPoint original program that is proven to equip leaders with practical fundamentals of management. Arranged into 4 blocks with a total of 16 versatile modules, you can customize your program to meet the needs of your managers in an engaging experience.

Each module is 2 hours long and covers a singular management topic, from performance reviews to engaging and motivating employees to planning and delegating. The format is a classroom training session to cover practical content that is delivered with a deep understanding of manager’s challenges by our dynamic, trained facilitators.

Our facilitators are able to skillfully keep participants engaged and encourage focused application of learnings back on the job. They know from their own experience in the manager’s chair how participants may need to improve and are able to unlock the ability to progress forward.

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What does Management Vitals™ do?

By participating in Management Vitals, participants

  • Develop and strengthen their essential people management skills
  • Learn a common approach to productive people management
  • Discover practical and relevant tips, tools, and resources to support their day-to-day tasks
  • Acquire key skills around establishing clear expectations and providing coaching support to employees
  • Increase confidence in their management abilities, especially in challenging situations
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Management Vitals™ is designed for three main audiences:

  • First-time team leaders, supervisors, and managers
  • Emerging leaders moving from individual contributor roles to serving as a people leader
  • Seasoned leaders who need more depth or a refresher in the building blocks of management

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How is it Implemented?

The standard Management Vitals programs are in-organization classroom training sessions.

We offer:

  • Half-day sessions (2 courses back-to-back)
  • Full-day sessions (3 courses back-to-back)
  • Multiple day sessions (conference-style)

Why Management Vitals™?


We’ve built the program based on years of experience helping managers best leverage their team’s talent, as well as other trusted management resources. The program is designed so that you are in charge of choosing the development your managers need.


Your Foundation: This block is all about helping managers embrace their role, understand their style, and build a strong foundation for their teams. Modules include:

  • Your Role as a Manager
  • Your Management Style
  • Interviewing and Onboarding
  • Communication Skills for Managers


The Essentials: This block of content addresses the block-and-tackle skills needed to effectively manage the day-to-day challenges of change, conflict, delegating, and time management. Modules include:

  • Managing through Change
  • Conflict Management
  • Planning and Delegating
  • Time Management


Performance Results: This block stresses the importance of setting clear goals and expectations for your team and providing feedback and coaching to support employee growth and goal achievement. Modules include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Providing Performance Feedback
  • Coaching for Performance
  • The Performance Review Meeting


Team Engagement: This block addresses the broader people challenges that mangers face today, including how to engage and unify diverse teams made up of employees from multiple generations. Modules include:

  • Engagement and Motivation
  • Leveraging Diversity
  • Managing Multiple Generations
  • Team Dynamics
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Program Elements

In addition to the foundational sessions, above, the Management Vitals program includes multiple touchpoints, actionable resources, and can be implemented in a variety of ways to meet the needs of different organizations and different managers. Elements include:
  • Management Vitals™ course materials
  • Pre-session communication
  • Sample tools and templates to use on the job 
  • Action plan to complete throughout the series
  • Evaluation and program summary
  • Variety of workshop options: Half days (2 courses back-to-back), full days (3 courses), multiple days (conference style)
  • Optional: An Everything DiSC® Management assessment for each participant to facilitate understanding of direct report communication styles, motivators, stressors, preferences, and priorities that shape their management experience (required for courses that use Everything DiSC®)
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Management Vitals Resources and Blogs

Program Resources

Program Overview/Course Catalog

Blogs and Articles for Manager Development

Manager as Coach - 7 Tips for Managers to Become a Better CoachEvery manager has opportunities to incorporate coaching skills into his or her relationships with employees, from a career goals conversation to a yearly review.

Five Fast Facts about Management Vitals™: Download a quick snapshot of the highlights you need to know about our FlashPoint original program, Management Vitals™, including how you can use it to develop your managers based on their needs.

What Your Employees Won’t Tell You (and Why): Learn the three top needs teams have for new managers, how to build trust as a new manager, and how to begin engaging direct reports.

Step-By-Step Process: Smart Goals for Leaders and Managers: Part of improving as a manager is setting goals to measure improvement and this blog walks you through the process of creating a goal. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

How to Succeed in a Flat Management Organization: In a "flat management" environment, businesses will have to focus on the leaders and managers that make that structure functional and effective - and who focus on their people and teamwork skills. 

11 Actions of Highly Effective Managers [Infographic]: We share a proven system for giving ongoing feedback to provide employees with direction and focus.

Manager Onboarding: The Essentials: Why do new or experienced managers struggle? Many are promoted without the fundamental building blocks of management. Proper onboarding for managers ensures their success and increased employee retention and engagement.

Management Training: Develop Skills for New and Experienced Leaders: There are four areas critical to a manager’s performance: understanding the role of manager, skills for day-to-day challenges, goal and expectation-setting, and team engagement in a diverse workforce.


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Ready to build your management training series? Reach out to a FlashPoint team member for pricing and to begin arranging modules to suit your managers' needs.

“Management Vitals™ has given our leaders the key tools, skills, and confidence to shift from reactive to proactive. Our team walks away from every module with a renewed energy and clarity, and participants consistently share their appreciation for our continued investment in their development. Employee turnover has decreased significantly, but pales in comparison to the increase in morale. ”
—Program Manager,
Learning and Development