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Kara Janssen

Kara Janssen

Content Marketing Coordinator

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

Blog entries by Kara Janssen

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Why FlashPoint? “The emphasis FlashPoint places on learning and development is next level. My colleagues at FlashPoint truly live the values of the organization and take a distinct interest in helping teams, both large and small, thrive. The atmosphere of constant evolution and personal and professional growth makes FlashPoint an exciting place to work and, in turn, makes helping clients achieve their goals all the more rewarding.”

You’ll find her: Working alongside the Marketing team to generate campaigns that connect our clients to the FlashPoint brand and mission, creating engaging content and graphics that encourage education, and acting as a resource to the FlashPoint team and our clients to help them grow as facilitators and leaders.

Before FlashPoint:  Kara worked in the interior design and construction industry for several years as a marketing and communications professional. Through several forward-facing roles, Kara engaged with industry professionals regularly and enjoyed forming new relationships, building rapport with clients and creating marketing resources that benefitted her colleagues. Kara has always had an interest in professional development and consulting, leading her to her role at FlashPoint as a Content Marketing Coordinator.

Education and Expertise: Writing, editing and content creation has been a passion of Kara’s for years. After graduating with a degree in Communications and a focus in Marketing from Indiana University, Kara took a particular interest in leadership and team development through her various positions in the corporate world. She has since applied her creative beginnings and marketing skillsets to the ID, AEC and consulting industries.

After Work Hours: You’ll catch Kara enjoying the outdoors in her freetime, often hiking on a local trail, traveling to a National Park or simply sitting on her back porch in Indianapolis.

Style: Kara is an S on the DiSC® Profile.