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Leadership Development

Make the Most of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Experience


Prepare for The Leadership Challenge® Workshop with advice from past participants

Attending The Leadership Challenge® Workshop - online or in-person, is an investment in yourself and your development as a leader. It takes intentional dedication, but the biggest feedback we receive from participants is that the work is worth it. We've interviewed past participants for their insight: What do they wish they knew before they attended?

What advice would participants give to a future attendee of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop?

  • Take advantage of the pre-work! It enhances the learning experience by making everything personal and real. You'll use it in breakout groups for online training, and in small groups in-person, so invest the time. It will help make connections quicker with others, and ensure everyone can participant fully.

Insider Tip: You will be asked to write down your “personal best” leadership experience in leading others. In doing so, you will be re-creating the very same research that authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner found after analyzing thousands of personal best leadership experiences, leading to the development of The Leadership Challenge® Model, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.

  • In the LPI report you will receive during the workshop, the ranking, or breakdown of your personal leadership behaviors is very thought-provoking. Use it to be more aware of areas you could be ignoring and concrete actions you can take to fix those areas.

Insider Tip: After the workshop, will receive 1/2 hour of online/telephone coaching focusing on your LPI to help you move from intent to action with the LPI behaviors where you want to improve. Coaches will reinforce what you have learned in the workshop and use your personalized LPI feedback to help you identify roadblocks and opportunities.

  • Leadership development takes deliberate practice. Don't let your experience be "one and done." Keep reminding yourself  to act on what you learned.

Insider Tip: By attending The Leadership Challenge® Workshop with FlashPoint, you will also receive a complimentary  mobile/digital 90-day Mindmarker reinforcement program, designed to help you continue the learning experience. Delivered directly to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you'll receive actionable messages and digital resources to focus on specific behaviors, reinforce learning, and encourage practice using a variety of multimedia - including videos, downloadable job aids, surveys, tools, and open-ended questions.

  • Make the most of your experience by really paying attention to the feedback that others give you. The LPI 360 assessment is a tool that shows the reality of how you are with others.

Insider Tip: The LPI is one of the most widely implemented, extensively researched leadership development assessments, available worldwide in English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. People often find the open-ended questions that observers answer powerful and instructive as they truly give insight into how we behave as leaders. 

  • Connect with the group! Both our virtual program, and in-person sessions are designed to encourage quick connections and interaction with your team or group. Take every opportunity to engage in conversations and sharing of perspectives.

Insider Tip: We know it sounds crazy, but every single time we hold these workshops, we are amazed at how the group  comes together, holds each other accountable, and wows with their generosity and insights. (We wrote about it in a blog.)

  • Listen to those around you. Hearing from individuals outside your daily interactions and coworkers can be enlightening.

Insider tip: Enlisting others is a valuable but challenging skill for leaders. Not only does it connect to the ability to be an inclusive leader, enlisting others helps you to explore communication skills, appeal to the common ideals of others, and animate your vision.

  • Be open to feedback. It’s hard to know if you are improving or not without asking someone else for their thoughts and being truly open to what they have to say.

Insider tip: We know feedback is both valuable and difficult. It’s hard to be completely objective when hearing constructive or negative feedback, but committing to improvement means that you must consider feedback thoughtfully and openly. Emotional reactions to feedback happen, but understanding that feedback isn’t personal will help you to improve.

Learn more about The Leadership Challenge or find out if you're ready to attend The Leadership Challenge

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Rachel Semple

Rachel Semple works across the FlashPoint client journey, from crafting initial proposals to developing and reviewing program deliverables.