eCoach Logoe-Coach is a follow-on program designed by FlashPoint to reinforce learning and encourage practice. The virtual program is delivered through a series of e-mail reminders with digital resources.


e-Coach at a Glance

  • Provides participants with an immediate option for creating and executing a development plan after participating in The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, or LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®
  • Gives leaders the needed bridge from assessment to practice, and to increase the value of training for the organization
  • Follows individual leaders over 10 months
  • Delivers digital resources containing straightforward, action-oriented tools and suggestions for creating a leadership development plan through planning and practice

Who is e-Coach for?

  • Individual participants of The Leadership Challenge Workshop or those who have taken the LPI

How does e-Coach benefit to your organization?

  • Increases and retains impact of training; workshop follow-on is proven to help participants practice and retain knowledge
  • Provides a framework for creating sustainable change
  • Gives participants opportunities to increase leadership effectiveness

What specific tools will e-Coach participants receive?

  • Leadership resources to support effective practice
  • Timely, encouraging messages for their leadership development plan and process
  • Practice suggestions and development activities for deliberate practice
  • Tips and tools for understanding and sharing their LPI results
  • Personal leadership reflections and observations
“What truly differentiates the expert performers from the good performers is hours of deliberate practice. You’ve got to work at becoming the best…” 
- The Leadership Challenge authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

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