Mindmarker-logoFlashPoint's original mobile app follow-on program is designed to encourage participants to retain and apply new skills using actionable messages and digital resources delivered to participants' smartphone (or tablet or desktop). We designed this program to reinforce learning and encourage practice, giving leaders a bridge from assessment and workshop to application. Reinforcement includes a variety of multimedia, including videos, downloadable job aids and tools, surveys, and open-ended questions.

Our App-Based Reinforcement at a Glance

  • Guides participants through creating and executing a development plan after participating in The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®
  • Gives leaders the needed bridge from the workshop to practice with straightforward, action-oriented tools and suggestions for practicing behaviors
  • Takes no more than 3-4 minutes per message and is delivered at the right time to increase engagement, knowledge, and skills

Who is Mindmarker app reinforcement for?

Our FlashPoint original Mindmarker mobile app reinforcement is for individual participants of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop who have taken the LPI® 360 assessment to help them retain and practice new skills. We include our reinforcement program in two-day Leadership Challenge® programs or we can customize it for your needs.

FlashPoint can administer our original reinforcement program as an addition to your program or we can customize it to your needs, organization, and program length. View a list of The Leadership Challenge® materials and pricing here.

How does Mindmarker mobile app follow-on benefit your organization?

  • Increases impact and value of training by helping participants practice skills, retain knowledge, and apply insights for sustainable behavior change
  • Integrates learning into the participants' work context
  • Gives program manager(s) actionable insights on how participants are applying content after 90 days

What specific tools will FlashPoint's Mindmarker app reinforcement provide?

  • Resources to support bringing key concepts to others, including direct report(s) and manager(s)
  • Timely, encouraging messages to encourage self-reflection and continue the participants' development plan
  • Suggestions and actions for specific LPI® behaviors
  • Tips and tools for understanding and sharing LPI® results
“What truly differentiates the expert performers from the good performers is hours of deliberate practice. You’ve got to work at becoming the best…” 
- The Leadership Challenge authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Download an overview of the 90-day reinforcement program here.