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Leadership Development

The Leadership Challenge Reinforcement: Low-Cost Resources


Sustain Learning After The Leadership Challenge® with Low-Cost Options

Leadership development has greater impact and results when organizations provide leaders with access to resources after a learning event. Your reinforcement strategy should offer attendees a follow up plan, maintain resources to help leaders stay accountable, and present opportunities for them to practice what they have learned.

FlashPoint regularly provides low-cost reinforcement options for our clients after The Leadership Challenge® programs. While the options below are specifically tailored to The Leadership Challenge®you can reinforce any type of leadership development program with no-cost, low-cost, and FlashPoint-supported reinforcement.


3 Low Cost, FlashPoint Supported Options for Reinforcement

Option One: FlashPoint's Original Mindmarker mobile App Reinforcement

Our original mobile reinforcement uses the Mindmarker app to deliver a follow-on program designed to give organizations a cost-effective process for sustaining the value of training to the individual leader. For 90 days after a Leadership Challenge® program, participants will receive messages and downloadable resources to support bringing key concepts to others, including their direct reports and manager(s); suggestions and actions for specific LPI® behaviors; and tips and tools to build and execute a development plan.

Why use this resource?

Workshop follow-on is proven to help participants practice and retain knowledge. The series of reinforcement messages provides a framework for creating sustainable change, while offering participants opportunities to increase leadership effectiveness by practicing and reflecting on their leadership. As a program manager, you'll also receive results and actionable insights on how participants are apply content after 90 days.


OPtion Two: LPI® Action Card Decks

There are several activities that can be used with the card decks to continue learning opportunities for leaders. They can be used for a card shuffle with team members to ask team members to identify the top leadership challenges they face in their role. Or, ask team members to identify their current leadership challenges and then have them select three behaviors cards they feel will help them the most with their challenge.

Why use this resource?

The action cards engage leaders in resolving challenges in new and creative ways. Once facilitated instruction and activities have been completed, the cards are designed to become an ongoing resource for leaders as they continue to face different challenges in their day-to-day work.


Option Three: The Challenge Continues® Virtual Sessions

One of our facilitators can highlight one practice area at a time in one-hour, virtual reinforcement webinars over the course of five sessions. Participants are given a chance to deep-dive on each practice, review key learning points from the onsite sessions, and share successes and challenges with fellow The Leadership Challenge® Workshop graduates.

Why use this resource?

Making leadership development a process rather than an event will help maximize the transfer of new learning to the workplace. Leaders will connect with The Leadership Challenge® content, share experiences around what is and isn’t working, and ensure they’re applying the skills they learned. This program is innovative and flexible so that leaders can stay focused on their development plans and on improving their capabilities over time.


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Krista Skidmore

Krista Skidmore , CEO and Cofounder of FlashPoint, is passionate about all things leadership. She manages FlashPoint's strategic direction with integrity and insight.