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Leadership Development

Infographic: How a Future-Oriented Mindset Impacts Leadership

Steps Leaders Take to Develop this Master Skill

Last week we touched on the fundamental concept of the “growth mindset.” 

It is a foundational belief that you can cultivate your abilities through practice and effort. In the realm of leadership, studies find that organizations can also develop a growth mindset. Successful organizational leaders who have this mindset are very often open to future possibilities. These leaders are described as “future-oriented” or “visionary.”

It turns out that having a vision of the future—and communicating it—is one of the most important leadership attributes you can have. The bottom line is that we expect this attribute from our leaders.

Stanford researcher Carol Dweck found “the mindset of organizational leaders can either facilitate or inhibit the growth of employees as well as the growth of the business.”

In the infographic below, we outline the steps to develop this master skill. You can also download a copy here.


An essential leadership challenge to cultivating a growth mindset is not only believing you can develop as a leader, but aspiring to excel as a leader. Keep in mind that the word “aspire” in itself feels future-oriented and creates an emotional energy that can propel you toward achieving your leadership goals.

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Lauren Parkhill

Lauren Parkhill leads the marketing team in creating creative content that helps organizations develop their leaders and teams.