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Five Ways to Stay Connected With Your Team

5 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Team  

Staying Connected Has Never Been More Important.

With the rise of flexible schedules and hybrid work environments, many teams are moving away from the traditional coffee break or conference room chats that foster a connected and social workplace. These face-to-face, casual conversations not only help colleagues stay informed about each other's personal and professional lives but also leave some wondering how they can recreate these connection points in a virtual setting.

Even if your team has recently begun to return to the office or is working in a hybrid environment, your team connection skills may feel rusty. Taking a proactive approach to continuing conversations with your colleagues virtually is the key to nurturing relationships, fostering a thriving remote work environment, and maintaining a dynamic, hard-working team.


The best methods to stay connected from a distance stem from genuine conversation. Staying connected with your team when working remotely is crucial for maintaining productivity, collaboration, and morale. While distance may physically separate employees, the value of a cohesive and engaged team remains paramount.

Here are five ways to stay connected with your remote team:

  1. Attend Company Meetings: Cameras on! Whether you’re using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, consistently setting aside time on your schedule to attend virtual meetings and get face-to-face interaction helps maintain that sense of connection. 
  2. Organize Virtual Learning: Attending company organized learning development opportunities such as The Leadership Challenge Online Workshop allows the team to continue their professional growth while creating memorable experiences that bring the team together.
  3. Create an Internal Newsletter: An internal newsletter offers a virtual space where team members can share accomplishments and celebrate successes, keeping each other up to date on happenings in their personal and professional lives.
  4. Schedule Virtual Lunch Breaks: Strike up casual conversations by scheduling a virtual lunch break with your colleagues, catching up on weekend plans or the latest projects. Whether you’re taking a lunch break with your team or employees from another department, this time serves as a way to take a break from the emails and Slack chats.
  5. Start a Remote Mentorship Program:  Connect experienced employees with colleagues who are new to the company through a mentorship program that provides industry wisdom and moral support to unleash their full potential. This is especially important for employees that may be new to remote work!

When implementing these creative strategies and other remote work practices, companies can create new work traditions that foster communication and collaboration, bridging potential gaps in connection. Employees that feel committed to their craft, satisfied with their work environment, and connected to their professional peers are more engaged with the organization. This, in turn, leads to enhanced productivity and a better work culture. 

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