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Team Effectiveness

Who Benefits from The Five Behaviors®: Team Development?


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Effective Teams Make Organizations Shine

Teamwork is the secret sauce to business success. Effective teams accomplish goals, drive results, and move organizations forward. Building an effective team doesn’t just happen, it takes work and an understanding of the basic needs of a team.

The Five Behaviors®: Team Development provides teams with the foundations of a healthy, well-functioning team, from trust to accountability to results.


Who is The Five Behaviors® for?

The Five Behaviors® helps team members at any level learn to work together more efficiently, cohesively, and effectively. It can help executive teams improve their decision-making process, enhance trust among the team, and create an action plan to drive the team forward strategically. Any team can harness these behaviors to achieve a competitive advantage and establish team bonds leading to higher employee engagement and commitment to the organization.


What is The Five Behaviors® based on?

The Five Behaviors® is based on the model in the book by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Through the program, participants learn the behaviors that make a team effective and create a contract among other members of the team to establish how the team will succeed and how they will hold each other accountable.


What areas will The Five Behaviors® focus on improving?

After a team assessment, the members of the team discuss their results in sessions tailored to providing skills and practicing the five behaviors, focused on their areas of improvement determined by the assessment. Facilitators tailor content specifically to the team’s assessment results, allowing a personalized application of concepts to directly improve the team’s problem areas.


The five behaviors targeted by the program are:

  • Trust: the ability of team members to be transparent and honest with one another, the foundation of teamwork
  • Conflict: the unfiltered, constructive debate of ideas, made possible by the vulnerability and trust established by the team
  • Commitment: buy-in, which is more easily achieved when all team members have offered ideas and opinions, then selected the best option to move forward
  • Accountability: a clear plan of action and division of roles, which allows team members to hold others to the established standards
  • Results: the final goal of teams, to drive ROI and business success, is unlocked when teams engage in the four other behaviors


Is The Five Behaviors® right for my team?

Teams that struggle with driving results, communicating effectively, or making decisions due to lack of buy-in could benefit from The Five Behaviors®. 

Want a quick test to decide if your team could improve? Our Checklist for Assessing Team Effectiveness can help you.


Does it work?

Yes! One of our clients demonstrated high rates of improvement in different areas of teamwork, including trusting one another (53 percent improvement) and engaging in conflict around ideas (50 percent improvement).

Read more measured success in our client case study, Optimizing an Executive Team to Move an Organization Forward.


Why FlashPoint?

FlashPoint was recognized as a 2016 Ruby award-winning partner for The Five Behaviors®. We strive to make our solutions lasting and measurable, so you will work with a partner who cares about concrete success in the long-term for your team and your organization.


Have questions? Reach out to a FlashPoint team member and we will help you find the answers!

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Rachel Semple

Rachel Semple works across the FlashPoint client journey, from crafting initial proposals to developing and reviewing program deliverables.