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What Trends Affect Leadership?

National studies show that leadership development is a challenge for many businesses, which directly impacts their bottom line and prevents fully functioning teams, strong talent pipelines, and good days at work for all employees.

In 2015, a World Economic Forum survey found companies reported a “lack of leadership” and that 86% of respondents reported a "leadership crisis in the world today."

What are the top trends affecting leadership in your organization? In the Infographic below, we outline the trends and challenges that you need to know about when developing your leaders and teams.  Download our complimentary webinar to help you not only identify the top trends that affect leadership, but what you can do to help retain employees, manage complexity, and increase leadership capacity in your organization.

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Trends Affect Leadership


Kristin Hess

Kristin Hess is a marketing and branding expert, Kristin helps us share our story of supporting clients and achieving result by transforming leaders, teams, and organizations.