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Team Effectiveness

4 Steps To Take After Learning Your DiSC Style

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Bring the knowledge and self-awareness back to the office for improved relationships with coworkers

We’ve all been through trainings that have left us thinking “This was good content, but what can I take back with me?” Or worse, thinking “I can use this back in the office” and then a few months later, we realize we barely remember what we learned.

However, this time it’s different–you just completed an Everything DiSC® assessment and training. You want to leverage what you learned about yourself and others in a concrete way.

So how do you make that last? How can you make sure what you learned continues influencing your daily interactions, rather than letting this be a training that fades away?


Here are my top 4 practical ways to keep DiSC® top of mind:

  • Post your DiSC® style in a visible spot at your working space: Not only will this serve as a reminder to you, it will help others who stop by your desk to interact with you.
  • Learn the DiSC® styles of the people around you and adapt your communication style to meet their preference: This could look different depending on your coworkers’ styles. You could become more fast-paced and focus on the big-picture in your conversations, or slow down and provide clear details and structure.
  • Run a comparison report on MyEverythingDiSC: This report will show the similarities and differences between you and your coworker(s) and provide practical tips for working more effectively with them based on your styles. It’s a personalized how-to manual for making requests, problem solving, and understanding their priorities.
  • Have a conversation with your coworker(s): Get comfortable talking about your similarities, differences, and communication preferences. Each style is important and can adapt to others, but to start, you must know how you both prefer to interact.


I love DiSC® because it is something I can leverage every day–for communication styles, motivators, stressors, or all of the above. By regularly talking about my DiSC® style and the style of those around me, I’ve learned to adapt my style to better meet their needs. We all experience richer interactions, leaving us more satisfied and empowered and less frustrated and disengaged.


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What To Do After Learning Your DiSC Style

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Rachel Tomasik

Rachel Tomasik is a past FlashPoint employee with a passion for leadership and teams.