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Team Effectiveness

Using DiSC to Integrate Into a New Team

Using DiSC to Integrate Into a New Team

Learn About Your Team by Exploring Your DiSC Style 

Entering a new team environment with different types of people is a delicate process that requires not only self-awareness and adaptability, but also an understanding of the individuals that power the team. Let's explore these three tips from a DiSC Style that can help you build a more cohesive and effective team: 

What are the defining traits of the DiSC 'S' Style? 

Since I am DiSC Style "S," I used my style to illustrate these tips—but you can do this exercise easily with any style. That is one of the great aspects of the DiSC® Catalyst platform. When a new colleague joins the team, one of my favorite things is to hop on Catalyst and review everyone's DiSC® profile, including mine. It is more than just knowing who is who and who you might mesh with more—exploring DiSC® profiles is like getting a sneak peek into what makes someone who they are (at work and outside of it). By understanding everyone's communication style, behavioral tendencies, and preferences, I can better acclimate myself to the new team dynamic while figuring out ways to make projects run smoother, get tasks done more efficiently, and communicate better with my new colleagues. 

As an S style, I tend to define myself as a reliable team player who works well with others to support the team's overall goals. According to my DiSC® report, my most valuable contributions to the workplace may include my acceptance of others, my dependability, and my ability to be a team player. The S styles on your team are patient and prefer a stable, familiar environment where everyone gets along. The one thing I tend to sway away from? Big changes. 

One of the biggest changes a leader can experience is changing jobs. You've got new people to impress, a bunch of unfamiliar tasks to tackle, and the huge hurdle of learning the ins and outs of a different company. It's daunting—and feels like starting from scratch.  

The Tips I Use When Joining a New Team

If you find yourself on a new team, these three tips from a DiSC® S Style will help you pave the way for a smooth transition and establish yourself as a valued team member: 

Tip 1: Listen Before You Act

Listening is often overlooked because it's seen as passive or less tangible than skills like speaking or problem-solving. However, it's actually one of the most critical skills for effective communication and collaboration. It's not just about hearing what people say but also picking up on what they don't say out loud. Sometimes, those silent signals say a lot about what your team values and needs. Listening facilitates learning and growth by exposing us to diverse perspectives and new ideas, things that are plentiful in a new workplace and team. Mastering the art of listening can lead to stronger relationships, better decision-making, and more successful outcomes. This approach makes you someone people trust and lets you in on the team's unspoken rules. Plus, it's a great way to start building valuable connections.

Tip 2: Be Supportive

Being new to the team, sometimes you need help knowing where to begin. Raising your hand for tasks that need a reliable follow-up is a perfect way to start integrating with your team members. Pick those tasks you know you can nail and do just that. In the process, you will build strong relationships with your new colleagues and position yourself as the go-to person when someone needs a helping hand. This doesn't mean taking on more than you can handle; instead, it's about choosing responsibilities wisely and fulfilling them reliably. But don't forget—your support should not be one-sided. It's also important to accept help from others.

Tip 3: Foster Genuine Connections

Fostering connections with your coworkers, especially when you're new, is crucial. This might be an obvious tip for some; however, people can find it challenging to connect with a new team right off the bat, and all too often can become anxious. Remember to show up as your genuine self—this will lay the foundation for trust and camaraderie. Take the initiative to engage in casual conversations with your colleagues. These don't always have to be work-related! Getting to know your team on a personal level can often lead to more effective work interactions. Remember details about your team members' lives—their hobbies, interests, and even their favorite coffee order. Small gestures, even a quick 'Did you watch the game last night?' message on Microsoft Teams can go a long way in breaking the ice. 

Using DiSC To Connect With New Coworkers 

When you want to connect with your new team, Everything DiSC® on Catalyst is essential. This platform is all about understanding people's personalities and work styles, and it's an incredible tool for bridging gaps between you and your new teammates. By tapping into this resource, you can discover not just the basics of their (and your) DiSC® style, but also their preferences, dislikes, and work habits. This means you can approach them in a way that resonates personally with them, making your attempts to connect not just thoughtful but effective. 

Joining a new team is an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and it's a chance to create a positive, stable environment where collaboration can flourish. By keeping these S style tips in mind, you can foster strong and lasting relationships within your new team, creating a productive and uplifting workplace. 

Everything DiSC sets anyone on the path to improving culture overall for the organization, as well as having a personalized understanding of how they show up at work and how to improve how they work with others. Follow the link below to explore how Everything DiSC® can positively impact your leaders, teams, and organizations:

Foster an engaged, collaborative culture with Everything DiSC on Catalyst

Kara Janssen

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