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The Synergy Between Everything DiSC and Emotional Intelligence

The Synergy Between Everything DiSC and Emotional Intelligence

Do You Know Your EQ? 

Emotional Intelligence allows a person to identify their emotions and helps them to understand how those feelings can influence their actions. Today, people who have a high degree of interpersonal skills are highly desired in organizations. A high level of "EQ" allows individuals to effectively respond to their emotions, instead of reacting (or over-reacting) when confronted with a feeling, stressor, or trigger. 

The Essence of Emotional Intelligence 

Dr. Mark Scullard, an expert on Everything DiSC®, states that "Emotional intelligence is basically about making good choices in emotional or social situations."

Developed by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer and popularized by Dan Goleman, emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. An emotionally intelligent leader is self-aware, can manage their emotions, is socially adept, and is an excellent communicator.

Building Emotional Intelligence through DiSC Awareness

The Everything DiSC model, when looked at through the lens of EQ, can serve as a blueprint for enhancing our emotional understanding, and teach us to better handle the stressors of everyday life and work. Individuals can use their DiSC awareness to recognize the underlying needs that drive their behavior and they can learn to adjust their emotional responses accordingly.  

The four letters of Everything DiSC represent four primary behavioral styles present in every individual: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. An individual’s placement within these four styles can reveal a lot about how they might approach leadership and interaction with their team.

When we talk about DiSC from an EQ perspective, what we are identifying is a person’s psychological needs, and how those needs can influence their behavior. I like to think of it as "taking a deep breath" before reacting-and stopping to ask yourself "why or what is driving me to react this way?"

Someone who has the D-style, for example, has the natural style of being direct, assertive, or forceful. If a "D person" gives in to their psychological need to take control, make progress, or avoid weaknesses, they might come off as abrasive, in a hurry, or even rude. Knowing these aspects of their personality can help them modify their behavior, better adapt as a teammate, and make better choices when working or socializing with others.  

Another example is the S-style, considered to be accommodating and patient. Often an individual with the S-style has the psychological need for harmony. Knowing they have that need can help an individual understand why they might inadvertently take on too much for fear of rocking the boat, and help them feel more empowered to balance their workload by pushing back a little bit.

When we have a better understanding of our psychological needs, and those of others, we are better equipped to handle emotionally charged situations at work. We can also modify our behavior by observing how other people react to different situations, emotional or otherwise, and change the way we respond accordingly.  

Looking to the Future of Leadership Development

By incorporating Everything DiSC into training and coaching programs, organizations can promote self-awareness, better communication, and improved team dynamics—all hallmarks of an emotionally intelligent workplace.

Organizations that prioritize leaders understanding their EQ and Everything DiSC style can foster an environment where leaders understand and adapt to their emotional triggers, leading to more effective and empathetic leadership. In turn, this can perpetuate a culture of understanding, collaboration, and emotional intelligence across the entire workforce.

The leaders who will thrive in the future will be the ones who understand their emotional blueprint, and that of their teams. In the face of an increasingly complex and volatile business landscape, the need for emotionally intelligent leadership is becoming more critical. Integrating the Everything DiSC model into leadership development initiatives is a step towards a more nuanced, effective approach to building the next generation of leaders. 

Everything DiSC sets anyone on the path to improving culture overall for the organization, as well as having a personalized understanding of how they show up at work and how to improve how they work with others. Follow the link below to explore how Everything DiSC® can positively impact your leaders, teams, and organizations:

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Lauren Parkhill

Lauren Parkhill leads the marketing team in creating creative content that helps organizations develop their leaders and teams.