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Leadership Development

The Business Case for Leadership [Infographic]

At a leadership event I attended recently, the question came up "Why are OD and learning professionals always having to 'sell' leadership training and budgets in their organizations?"

There is no shortage of research showing that leadership and bench strength are among the most urgent needs for organizations developing a prepared and stable workforce, as well as being a predictor of organizational success.

What is needed to prove the value of leadership training and development? In preparation for a webinar, my colleagues and I chronicled the wealth of research and evidence supporting the link between leadership, engagement, and results. It seems pretty compelling; investment in leadership development is tied to multiple outcomes: financial performance, talent attraction and retention, organizational agility, and yes, engagement.

So why the hard sell? We realized that it is difficult to make the business case for leadership development because the link between leadership and business results is often not a causal one but rather one of compounding rewards.

So does investing in leadership impact business results? Yes absolutely, and we put together this infographic to help you figure it out:

Business Case for Leadership Infographic.png


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Lauren Parkhill

Lauren Parkhill leads the marketing team in creating creative content that helps organizations develop their leaders and teams.