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Manager Onboarding: The Essentials


What do Managers Need to Succeed?

Research shows that at some time in their career, employees have left their job because of their immediate manager. Effective onboarding is a must for new managers to ensure their success and increase employee retention and engagement. Too often high-performers are promoted without understanding the fundamentals, or vitals, of how to effectively work as a manager. (We are also hosting a webinar on this very topic, on July 13th.)

It’s important that new managers get the support they need. We looked at reasons why new, or even experienced managers might struggle:

  • They don't understand their role, or the scope of their responsibilities.
  • They have never had to hire, fire, or give a performance review.
  • They are used to being on the team, not leading the team.
  • They don't know the difference between leadership and management.

To become proficient, a manager has to maintain work processes, meet deadlines, and support the needs of customers. They have daily tasks and annual goals. But managers can’t achieve these common goals without the engagement and cooperation of the people that support, surround, and work with them. In fact, the most important job of a manager is engaging people to help them achieve results.

To support our clients' needs, we developed Management Vitals™—a series of modular courses that helps managers gain a proper foundation and deliver results. Management Vitals™ features multiple modules to develop and strengthen essential people management skills. Managers learn how to guide employees throughout the entire talent management life cycle—from interviewing to onboarding, to managing performance and giving feedback. Managers also create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) connected to each of the modules, with actionable follow-up items to support their growth.

We're excited to share this program as a tool to support the development of new, and seasoned managers. Here are 5 Fast Facts About Management Vitals™ that outline the benefits and basics of this proven program:

(you can also click here to download and print a .pdf)


We're continuously impressed by the influence great managers can have on engagement, but humbled when we are reminded that a manager is only as good as his ability to bring the best out of their team, and be supported by that team to achieve results.  How are you seeing results in your organization as a result of implementing onboarding or training methods such as this? (Please leave a comment below.)

 4 Essentials for Developing Successful Managers Webinar

Lauren Parkhill

Lauren Parkhill is FlashPoint’s brand engagement strategist. She curates web, email, and social content to help organizations develop their leaders and teams.