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Leading Through Change Based on Everything DiSC

Leading Through Change Based on Everything DiSC

Harnessing the Power of Your Style

Change—whether in the context of a company shift or an industry revolution—is an inescapable part of leadership. How leaders manage change can significantly determine the success of their organization. One useful framework for understanding how different leaders can approach change is Everything DiSC.

Shifting Your Approach to Change

Change is happening all around us and, now more than ever, leadership matters. No one knows what the future will bring, but leaders are pulling together against adversity and change to continue to meet the needs of clients, create meaning and purpose for employees, and build organizations and teams that not only survive, but thrive.

One's DiSC style can play a pivotal role in shaping their approach towards change. Some of us may embrace change with enthusiasm, seeking opportunities for growth and innovation, while others may prefer a more cautious approach, focusing on maintaining stability and order. 

By recognizing and appreciating the diverse ways people approach change based on their DiSC styles, organizations can effectively tailor change management strategies, ensuring a smoother transition and enhanced overall team dynamics.

Dr. Mark Scullard, a thought leader in DISC theory and leadership, reminds us that self-awareness is key. "Change is a playground for leaders," Dr. Scullard notes, "and understanding your DISC style is like having the best map to all the equipment." By reflecting on your DISC style, you can tailor your approach to leading through change, ensuring that you are not only directing your team through uncharted waters but truly navigating them toward collective success.

Dominance (D): Driving Change with Confidence

Leaders with a high "D" profile tend to be assertive and value competency. They thrive on challenge and are determined to overcome obstacles.

During periods of change, D-style leaders are innately strategic and focused on results. They cut through uncertainty and take decisive action, setting a clear direction that can galvanize their team. However, they may need to temper their pace and ensure they don’t overlook the emotional impact of change on their team members.

Influence (I): Inspiring Positive Change

I-style leaders are the cheerleaders during change. Their natural optimism and enthusiasm make them powerful motivators.

They excel at communicating the vision and benefits of change, helping to reduce fear and resistance among their team. Yet, they must be cautious not to gloss over the details or dismiss potential concerns, ensuring they maintain credibility and trust.

Steadiness (S): Supporting Others Through Change

Leaders with a high "S" profile shine when it comes to supporting their team through change. They are patient, empathetic, and consistent.

S-style leaders create an environment of trust and safety, listening to concerns and addressing them constructively. They ensure that no one is left behind during the transition. Their challenge is to avoid becoming too complacent and resisting necessary changes for the sake of maintaining harmony.

Conscientiousness (C): Managing Change with Precision

C-style leaders approach change meticulously, valuing accuracy and order. They are excellent at developing plans and analyzing the potential outcomes.

Their attention to detail and caution can prevent costly mistakes and ensure that the change is well-planned and considerate of all variables. Their challenge is to avoid paralysis by analysis—they need to remain adaptable and not allow their need for certainty to hinder progress.

Regardless of your DISC style, the unifying theme is the ability to balance your innate strengths with an awareness of the potential downsides. Leaders who thrive during change are those who can adapt their style to meet the needs of the situation and their people. By using the insights your DISC profile provides, you can be the leader your team needs, harnessing each change event as an opportunity for growth, learning, and innovation. Keep in mind, the goal isn't to change who you are but to use who you are to effect change positively.

Source: Navigating Change with Dr. Mark Scullard | Everything DiSC

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