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Team Effectiveness

Improve Workplace Communication with Assessments

DiSC-Assessment-FAQHelp leaders and teams communicate better with Everything DISC®

Effective communication is good for everyone. Companies benefit from improved workplace communication with increased productivity and operational effectiveness, while individuals benefit with increased morale, commitment, and productivity. 

A common barrier to communication involves a lack of understanding around one’s communication style and how to approach and communicate with others who may have different preferences.

As part of our Flagship programs series, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about how our programs impact leaders and teams. Everything DiSC® is a behavior-based assessment of a leader’s preferred communication style and personality traits that, when leveraged, can improve workplace productivity.

Everything DiSC FAQs

What exactly is DiSC®?

DiSC® is not a test, it’s a non-judgmental, behavioral-style assessment and training suite that helps leaders and teams build more effective relationships and improve workplace communication.

What does it measure?

The research-validated personality assessment focuses on different behavioral styles. DiSC® is a simple—and memorable—model made up of four basic styles: D (dominance), i (influence), S (steadiness), and C (conscientiousness).

What are the benefits?

  • Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems
  • Improve working relationships by recognizing the communication needs of team members
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
  • Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles
  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members
  • Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded, and effective leaders

Who is the intended audience?
Everyone. There are a variety assessments to support your specific needs, including:

  • Everything DiSC Workplace® can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace
  • Everything DiSC® Management can be used with those who work with, direct and develop people with different styles in the workplace
  • Everything DiSC®Sales is designed for salespeople, to learn to identify and understand customer buying styles and adapt accordingly
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® can be used with any leader to identify what tendencies influence effectiveness in creating a vision, gaining alignment, and executing on a vision
  • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders provides leaders with valuable 360-degree feedback from colleagues and actionable strategies for continued development

How does it differ from Myers-Briggs?

DiSC® helps people interact. DiSC® is not only for self-understanding of behavioral style and motivation; it provides a framework to understand other working styles and actionable tips for working more effectively with those other styles. While MBTI’s is also a research-validated assessment, its goal is to offer further information about one’s unique personality—without providing comparison to others.

How does the assessment work?

Based on over 40 years of research, DiSC® uses adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to quickly analyze a person’s responses and provide the most personalized DiSC® feedback possible.

The assessment asks participants to respond to statements on a five-point ordered response scale, indicating how much they agree with each statement. It only takes 15 minutes to complete.

What is included in the Everything DiSC® report?

Everything DiSC® personality assessments are application-focused, so the feedback is presented to you as a leader, manager, individual contributor, or sales person. The report includes sections on your style, priorities, motivators and stressors, and tips for understanding and interacting with other styles. To learn more, download a sample report here

Are there additional DiSC® resources?

Yes, there are a variety of follow-up tools for added value, including comparison reports, group culture reports, and facilitator reports.

Which style is the best?

All DiSC styles and priorities are equally valuable. No style is better than another.

Can one’s DiSC® profile change over time?

You won’t see any drastic changes to your DiSC® profile over time—behavior usually remains consistent.

How should I use DiSC®?

Everything DiSC® solutions are frequently used as stand-alone tools, but can easily be used within larger leadership development programs. They can be used for individual contributors as well as teams.

Why do we recommend DiSC®?

It is simple, easy to understand, and it works! And:

  • It provides a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together
  • It acts as a springboard for conversation and team building
  • It improves employee and workplace communication
  • It helps you understand people who aren’t like you. . . or are too much like you
  • It reduces conflict and avoids misunderstandings

DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

Download an Overview of Everything DiSC 

Lauren Parkhill

Lauren Parkhill leads the marketing team in creating creative content that helps organizations develop their leaders and teams.