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3 Ways to Integrate a Culture of Coaching into Leadership Development



“As coaching becomes an integral part of an organization’s talent development strategy, we’re seeing ‘coaching cultures’ emerge—cultures where leaders play a key role in the development of employees through coaching, mentoring, and knowledge transfer.”

—JC Heinen, Senior Vice President of Global Leadership Development & Coaching, Lee Hecht Harrison


A Case for Integrating Coaching into Leadership Development Programs

In a recent case study, Deloitte Consulting identified the outcomes achieved through a large, global organization that integrated broad-reaching coaching into their leadership programs:

  • Leaders were able to have a direct impact on day-to-day business.
  • Leaders were able to address personal and organizational development objectives.
  • The organization established a reasonable developmental time investment.
  • The organization achieved an attractive cost-benefit relationship.
  • The organization was able to retain high-potential managers and experts.


Methods for Integrating Coaching into Existing Leadership Development Training—3 Ways to Create a Culture of Coaching

The methods to integrate coaching into existing leadership development programs to create a culture of coaching are varied and creatively implemented today. For example, coaching can:

  1. Support a follow-up program to an existing leadership development training event or series of courses, in either a one-on-one format or a group coaching scenario
  2. Be provided ahead of a program to prepare participants for the work to be done and to center the leader around goals and objectives with the training
  3. Be integrated as part of a project-based action team, where a coach serves the team throughout the timeline for the project

And while these are examples of ways to integrate coaching into an existing leadership program, the context for each organization is different and the methods will be unique to each program and organization.

Coaching makes a difference for both the organization and the leader, especially when integrated into existing programs, creating vertical development structured to create bigger minds, a more cognitive approach to addressing challenges, and an ability to address complexity in the workplace in a way horizontal development can hardly touch.

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Linda Dausend

Linda Dausend CPLP, is a senior consultant at FlashPoint. Linda collaborates with clients to unlock the power of great leaders within their organizations.