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Leadership Development

6 Questions Emerging Leaders Ask Before Deciding to Work for Your Organization


I have long heard the idea that a person needs to pick an organization, just as the organization needs to pick the person.

This resonates with me because I believe there needs to be a fit between the person’s skills, interests, values, and the organizations’ values and goals. It’s important to me to have a meaningful job and work for a company I’m proud of. I also want to know the company values my strengths and leverages them well within the business. I think we all perform better (and enjoy the work more!) when we are working from our strengths, rather than overcoming our weaknesses.

Some of the most important questions I’ve asked during job searches are: “What’s it like to work here?" and "What is the culture like?” The answers give me an idea of how I'll fit with the organization—how employees are treated, what is valued, ongoing development, and if the organization lives out its values.

And I'm not the only one. Emerging leaders often ask about culture to vet prospective employers. According to a report from Gallup titled How Millennials Want to Work and Live, there are six common questions you may have already heard or can expect to hear soon:


Before knowing how to put any kind of emerging leader development program into place, it is strategic for you to understand what factors motivate this population.

What are they looking for in an employer, and how well is your organization positioned to provide it? 

Download a copy of this Infographic.

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Rachel Tomasik

Rachel Tomasik is a past FlashPoint employee with a passion for leadership and teams.