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Leadership Development

3 Ways Leaders Can Enhance Their Creativity


Creativity Fuels Innovation and Fosters a Growth Mindset

Creativity refers to the ability to generate unique and valuable ideas, solutions, or expressions, encompassing the capacity to think in unconventional ways.

Though often associated with the arts, creativity is essential in various professional sectors, including science, business, technology, and, most importantly, leadership.


Creativity is an essential element of a leadership approach that, when fostered, can positively increase your decision-making and problem-solving, unlocking new possibilities for both the leader and organization. With this being said, creativity is a skill that leaders must exercise and, due to lack of inspiration, self-criticism, or a fixed mindset, is not always readily available. Jog your creativity by trying these three practices:

1.    Break Your Routine

Routines get most of us through the work week. Efficient and productive, the practice of establishing a solid routine requires discipline and often takes months to perfect. Breaking your well-established routine from time to time introduces unpredictability, disrupting “auto-pilot mode” and presenting us with new challenges. This change, no matter how subtle, can alter the established pathways in our brains, prompting creativity and adaptability.

2.    Free Write

Having trouble solving an issue that arose in your department? Open that blank Word document and start typing. Free writing is a spontaneous writing technique that is not limited by grammar, punctuation, or structure. The lack of editing and self-censorship can capture your stream of consciousness, accurately capturing your complex thoughts and documenting them in a more tangible medium.

3.    Embrace Mindfulness

Whether it is meditation, journaling, or gratitude practice, mindfulness is a skill that can not only enhance your leadership skills but boost your creativity in a professional setting. Engaging in mindfulness halts overthinking, refocusing attention on the present moment, and facilitates clarity of thought. By being fully present and aware, leaders can overcome mental blocks and pave the way for new ideas to emerge.

Leaders can develop and enhance their creativity over a short period of time after implementing these three factors. Nurturing creativity encourages innovation in the workplace and fosters a growth mindset within leaders that often extends to their entire team. By fostering a culture of learning and creativity, providing opportunities for feedback, and embracing failure as a learning opportunity, organizations can create a safe and supportive environment that encourages growth and development. By doing so, employees are more likely to take on new challenges, experiment with new approaches, and achieve their full potential.

When people feel meaningfully connected and psychologically safe at work, they bring their best ideas and effort to every challenge. The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Workshop is a valuable opportunity for anyone who wants to set the stage for innovation and create a healthy and productive workplace. Psychological safety is suitable for any employee, executive, leader, manager or team—anyone who wants to move the dial on innovation, inclusion, appreciation of diversity, or to improve the culture at their organization.

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