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Work Better Together by Asking Coworkers These 16 Questions [VIDEO]

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Better relationships lead to better teamwork

The more we learn about ourselves and others, the more able we are to find ways to create motivating environments, increase effective communication, and achieve more results.

Everything DiSC® is one of my favorite assessments because it puts to words some preferences and behaviors I have, as well as helps me better understand those around me. Below are a few questions I ask regularly when meeting new team members or improving relationships with my coworkers.

You can also download this quick worksheet to help you remember the most important preferences for coworkers you regularly interact with:

Download the worksheet now!

Here are a few questions to ask coworkers to be a better team member:

  1. What is your DiSC style?
  2. When reading your report, what three things do you most agree with?
  3. What priorities or values are important to you?
  4. How do your priorities influence how you spend your time?
  5. How do your priorities influence how you make decisions?
  6. How do you prefer a new assignment be given to you (big picture vs. details, milestones vs. one deadline)?
  7. What is motivating to you?
  8. How do you handle stress?
  9. When communicating with others, what do you need more of?
  10. Do you like catching up on coworkers’ weekends or would you prefer to get down to business?
  11. How do you prefer to be communicated with: instant message, email, phone call, or in person?
  12. How should someone deliver constructive feedback to you?
  13. How should positive feedback be delivered?
  14. How do you prefer to work, solo or in collaboration with others?
  15. What is challenging about working with others?
  16. How can I work more effectively with you?

Taking the time to listen to the answers to these questions will allow you to understand why your team might approach situations differently than you, and ultimately, how to work more effectively with them.

Download an Overview of Everything DiSC

Rachel Tomasik

Rachel Tomasik is a past FlashPoint employee with a passion for leadership and teams.