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Leadership Development

10 Top Characteristics of an Admired Leader Told Through Song


Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

Music is powerful. It can alter moods, inspire, bridge divides, and bring people together. It also has an uncanny way of sticking with us.

Think about it, we all remember the lyrics to that catchy song from years ago (for me, it’s Apologize by OneRepublic.) But for some reason, we can’t seem to answer what we ate for lunch yesterday. Music has the ability to root itself deeply in our brains, popping up when we least expect it, invoking a feeling or notion that we thought we had forgotten. 

As a result, it is a powerful learning tool, which is why as kids we are taught to remember history, science, and grammar facts to the tunes of songs. That’s why Schoolhouse Rock is so ingrained in your memory!

So, when asked to write a blog on characteristics of admired leaders from The Leadership Challenge, I thought, “what better way than through a medium that I think resonates most?”

Below are the top 10 Characteristics of an Admired Leader identified by the in-depth research of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner for The Leadership Challenge®. Add these songs to your favorite playlist and feel inspired to lead with the qualities associated most with admired leaders. 

1. Honest: truthful, acts with integrity, trustworthy, has character

2. Inspiring: uplifting, enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, positive demeanor

3. Competent: capable, proficient, effective, gets the job done, professional

4. Forward-looking: visionary, foresighted, concerned about the future, sense of direction

5. Intelligent: bright, thoughtful, intellectual, reflective, logical

 6. Broad-minded: open-minded, flexible, receptive, tolerant

7. Dependable: dedicated, resolute, persistent, purposeful

8. Supportive: helpful, offers assistance, comforting

9. Fair-minded: just, unprejudiced, objective, forgiving, willing to pardon others

10. Cooperative: collaborative, team player, responsive

Listen to the complete playlist here: 

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Rachel Semple

Rachel Semple works across the FlashPoint client journey, from crafting initial proposals to developing and reviewing program deliverables.