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7 Podcasts Every Talent Development Professional Should Listen To


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Podcast suggestions for personal leadership improvement, organizational effectiveness, and more

Podcasts are a good way to learn more about just about anything – you can learn about yourself, a new interest of your choice, your profession, and more. That's why we're highlighting some team favorites for personal leadership goals, organizational development, or both.


Podcasts on workplace effectiveness

  • WorkLife with Adam Grant (one season archive, not currently publishing): In episodes that range from 30-45 minutes long, this podcast dives into a variety of workplace topics like criticism, creativity, trust, burnout, and more with organizational psychologist Adam Grant.
  • HBR IdeaCast (publishes weekly): With episodes that average 20-40 minutes long, this HBR podcast interviews experts on various topics from leadership, workplace issues, and mentoring to gender, networking, and management.
  • HR Happy Hour (publishes multiple times a month): Up to 50-minute long episodes dive into professional development topics for HR personnel, leadership tips, HR technology, engagement, labor and economic trends, and more.
  • Honest HR (publishes multiple times a month): SHRM's podcast covers HR professional development, mental health in the workplace, management, networking, credibility, and change management.
  • Beyond the Buzz (publishes monthly): In 20 minute bite-sized episodes, this podcast dives into new technology and trends in the leadership development space.

Podcasts for personal leadership

  • Coaching for Leaders (publishes weekly): Episodes average about 30-40 minutes and discuss topics like management basics, navigating conflict, personal growth, assessments, and more.
  • The Women's Leadership Podcast (publishes multiple times a month): In up to 40 minutes, this podcast dives into all kinds of themes including vision statements, equity, inclusion, and aligning work with personal values.


Reader Favorites that We're Adding to our subscriptions!

  • Gallup Theme Thursday (publishes multiple times a month): Episodes average 30-40 minutes and dig into different aspects of each StrengthsFinder strength.
  • Disrupt Yourself (publishes every Monday): Episodes range from 30 to 60+ minutes and cover personal leadership topics, including creativity, creating clarity, learning, and leadership tips.
  • Learning Leader (publishes every Sunday): Episodes are typically 60+ minutes long and focus in on inspiring leaders and their perspective and experiences with leadership.
  • Lead to Win (publishes every Monday): Episodes average 20-30 minutes and cover topics from productivity to leading others.


We definitely know that this isn't a full listing of all the great HR and L&D podcasts that are out there. If you have a favorite (or 10!), feel free to share any recommendations with us in the comments!

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