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Team Effectiveness

How Are You Approaching the End of Year Hustle?

End of Year Rush

Productivity and Self-Care Tips for Leaders

We blinked and the conclusion of 2023 is nearly upon us! It's a season marked by a sense of urgency, where every task and goal can carry the weight of closure and anticipation for what lies ahead. Join me as we delve into the hustle and bustle that defines the end of the year in the workplace—a time where the pace quickens, and the stakes feel higher than ever. 


During my work with clients over the past month or two, I’ve been hearing so much about that old familiar “end of year push” that everyone seems to be engaged in. You know the one—there are deadlines to meet, allocated budget dollars to spend, year-end financials to be reconciled, sales goals to push towards, and 2024 planning to do. The list goes on and on, and everyone has their heads down trying to get it all done. 

In addition to all the work-related pressures, many of us are heading towards the holidays where we may face different kinds of fun challenges. Anyone else have an Uncle Charlie who wouldn’t know how to hold an appropriate conversation if his life depended on it? Or a perfectionistic Mother-in-Law whose eagle eye will be on every move you make in the kitchen? Or does anyone dread the holidays due to challenging memories that are brought back to the surface during, what everyone else says, is the “most wonderful time of the year”? 

Newsflash! A lot is being asked of us on all fronts as 2023 comes to a close. None of us want to limp into the holidays exhausted and ragged, offering our leftovers to the people we love the most. Let’s all just pause, take a deep breath, and consider the following:

  • There is plenty that needs to get done, but what is legitimately urgent to prioritize?

In a culture that often suffers from the tyranny of urgency, more often than not it is people that pay the price. Is what you are asking your team realistic given the demands of the business and their current capacity? You might find that you need to move some targets to accommodate their needs. Consider asking yourself: Is this task a must, a should, or a want?

  • How are you showing up as a leader right now?

When we are pressed for time, it can sometimes bring out the worst in us. Maybe we are short in meetings because we are under pressure, or maybe our tendency to micromanage is flaring up right now because stuff just needs to get done. Perhaps you could benefit from asking yourself the question, “Is the way I’m behaving right now as a leader what I would want to experience from my own leader?” If not, take some time to identify what behaviors you’d like to focus on shifting this week. 

  • Where can you extend some grace to your teammates right now?

We talk frequently about how at the end of the day, leadership is a relationship. Carve out the time to connect with each of your team members to see what support they need from you in this year-end sprint. Maybe even go so far as to tell them they don’t need to sprint at all! They can just do what seems reasonable and that can be okay. We know from The Leadership Challenge research by Jim Kouzes and Dr. Barry Posner, that constituents want their leaders to be caring and supportive. Look for ways specific to each team member to show up for them in the way they need right now.

  • What help do you need to ask for yourself?

Just because you may be the leader of a team doesn’t mean that you don’t need help and support too. Dr. Brené Brown talks about how in order for trust to be real and authentic, we can’t always be the one helping—we must also ask for help ourselves. Now might be a great time to model for your team what that looks like. We are not super-humans, we are just human, and that’s a beautiful thing to embrace.  

As we navigate the year-end-push, it becomes abundantly clear that the demands on our professional and personal lives are coming to a head. Work-related pressures and the impending holiday season, with its unique set of challenges, urges us to pause and reassess our approach. Let's prioritize not just the tasks at hand but the relationships that define our journey, understanding that genuine leadership is a dance of empathy, support, and the courage to ask for help when you need it most. 

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Amy Savage

Amy Savage is an expert at facilitating transformational leadership experiences and coaching leaders through a research-based framework that enables growth.