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Team Effectiveness

7 Ways to Use Your Departmental Budget to Drive Teamwork


Photo by Jaciel Melnik on Unsplash


Alone, one person has a very limited reach and capacity of what he or she is able to do and who he or she can impact. However, when working within a team, you can accomplish so much more.

 “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Bringing your team together, establishing a common direction, and leveraging each person’s strengths will allow you to accomplish more in a given day than you ever could individually. As the complexity of work has increased, it’s become more critical to have teams performing at their highest to achieve success. Investing in your team today will only make you more successful in the future because it’s through your team that results are achieved.


We have seen clients use team sessions to increase engagement, get everyone on the same page, learn ways to communicate more effectively with each other, and more.

A few ideas you can use to bring your team together are:

  • Work together to identify your team’s purpose
  • Share your individual values and then determine how those values support the team or company’s values
  • With your team, create a team charter on how you want to work together, address conflict, and move goals forward
  • Host an afternoon session with your team learning about each other’s styles, priorities, and preferences (using Everything DiSC®)
  • Hold a day-long retreat focused on becoming a more cohesive team (using The Five Behaviors®)
  • Discuss a chapter or two of a book each month over lunch with your team
  • Dedicate time together discussing your individual strengths and how you can play to each other’s strengths


Taking time for team development sessions is especially important for our younger generations in the workforce. Your team members want development and they want to work together well. A team session is a great way to establish and build on your team’s foundation, while retaining and engaging employees.

Your team is your greatest asset, so we encourage you to bring team members together regularly for their development, to check alignment, and to have fun. After all, it’s your people running your company, so for the company to be at its best, your people must be at their best first.


“If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?” – Matthew Woodring Stover

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Rachel Tomasik

Rachel Tomasik is a past FlashPoint employee with a passion for leadership and teams.