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How Salesperson Leadership Behavior Can Improve the Buyer Experience

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Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash

Focus on Sales Effectiveness with Kouzes and Posner

Buyer experience is a huge factor in whether a buyer chooses to complete the sale and today’s buyer experience is a direct result of the salesperson’s effectiveness.

Sellers often struggle with how to create value for their contacts and connect meaningfully with buyers. Stop Selling and Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen is a research-based book that provided me insight on my behaviors as a seller to immediately increase my effectiveness in selling. It delivers the confidence and skills every salesperson requires to achieve success, paired with a blueprint for effectiveness.

The research that authors James Kouzes, Barry Posner, and sales expert Deb Calvert undertook bridges the gap between sellers and buyers and reveals a behavioral blueprint for sellers. These behaviors make buyers more likely to meet with them — and more likely to buy from them.

The book shows the seller the right way to win business: cultivating long-term client relationships built on authority, mutual respect, and trust. While reading, I learned how to leverage the power of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to consistently make more and extraordinary sales. That is what every sales person strives for daily.

While most sellers view a divide between leadership and sales, they are not separate. Leadership and sales coexist and require some of the same behaviors.

I loved that the very same behaviors that make leaders more effective also work to make a salesperson more effective:

  • Inspire, challenge, and enable buyers
  • Change your behavior to build trust and increase sales
  • Step into your leadership potential 
  • See yourself the way your buyers do
  • Feel good about selling again

Based on research with hundreds of buyers and sellers, the book shows a blueprint for behaviors based on both buyer research and seller success stories. The stories bring a sense of community to the salesperson, sharing common experiences in the role of sales. My most important takeaway is that a critical shift in the selling mindset, and in the sales role itself, is the key to increasing my overall sales effectiveness.

Download a sample chapter of stop leading and start selling 

Jeff Pressly

Jeff Pressly is a past FlashPoint employee and lifelong leadership learner.