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Developing Emerging Leaders Now to Succeed in the Future

A National Healthcare Leader Builds a Stronger Leadership Pipeline with a Customized Approach to Leadership Development

Building greater accountability and learning to prepare for the future

With drastic changes on the healthcare horizon, our client recognized the need to accelerate the development of emerging leaders. To prepare for the future and navigate coming changes, it set out to strengthen its talent pipeline.

We knew FlashPoint could help and were encouraged by the executives’ commitment and buy-in. Over the years, the organization had made developing talent a business imperative, providing associates with a wide variety of flexible development opportunities, but it was time for updates and the creation of a new, robust approach to developing leaders. 

It was time to ready emerging leaders for their career trajectory into the company’s future.

Develop your emerging leaders now



National Health Insurer

Our client is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest health insurers in the US, providing health coverage to nearly 40 million members.


Providing targeted development to emerging leaders (frontline managers and exempt individual contributors) to prepare them for middle-level management in the midst of significant industry flux


FlashPoint developed a customized new program, starting with a framework, and then provided ongoing consultation and guidance to monitor, evolve, and measure progress 


  • Emerging leaders more deeply committed to their roles, the company, and one another
  • Concrete, measurable development of our client’s mid-level leadership talent pipeline
  • Skills for mutual accountability
  • A renewed ability to retain high-potential leaders



  • Develop high potential for future leadership roles in the company
  • Improve emerging leaders’ business, leadership, and career-management acumen
  • Provide emerging leaders with greater exposure within the organization
  • Increase the company’s ability to retain and engage talent
  • Work proactively to manage the pipeline of key talent 


  • Framework: FlashPoint constructed the overall program framework and designed several key components.
  • Ongoing Support: We participated in monthly project team meetings to discuss progress to date, evaluate participant/coach feedback, and identify opportunities for enhancement. As the program evolved, we supported the continuing refinement of the tools and processes that supported the program.
  • Program Facilitation: Over the course of the year-long experience, we facilitated discussions of books and articles, “How to Develop an IDP” webinars, and Harvard ManageMentor® online modules.
  • Group Coaching: We coached multidisciplinary small groups of emerging leaders. Our group coaching format helped the group members come together and stay accountable to their learning and individual goals over the course of the yearlong program. Participants benefited from a shared experience where they could develop camaraderie and provide mutual support, while working toward shared goals, gaining confidence, and even coaching one another. 


  • 360-degree assessment
  • Individual development plans with accountability support
  • Four development conferences over the course of a year
  • Classroom leadership workshops
  • Networking opportunities with senior leaders


  • In the first two years of the program, more than 50% of participants were promoted to career-advancing roles.
  • The company now has a much deeper understanding of their emerging leader talent.
  • The company has enhanced its employer brand, which has increased employee attraction and retention.
“FlashPoint was instrumental in building greater accountability and learning and in rounding out the program to make participants feel more connected versus being part of a large group. The feedback from our project team on the consulting, facilitation, project management, and other services that FlashPoint provided was outstanding.”
—Talent Development Program Manager
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