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Jared Lafitte, facilitator and coach

Jared Lafitte

Facilitator and Coach

Based in Denver, Colorado

Jared Lafitte is a facilitator and coach with nearly 10 years of experience working with a variety of professionals, including athletes, attorneys, and recording artists.

One of his specialties is tailoring leadership development programs to help leaders and organizations develop organically. His talent lies in using a deep research background mixed with extensive teaching experience to create a no-frills, focused experience to develop leaders and teams. He’s always excited to help leaders understand and fully deliver value to the people around them.

As a coach, Jared’s goal is to help leaders reach theirs. Coaching participants come away from sessions feeling confident, in control, and a clear understanding of the actions they will take. He has worked with leaders to create cultures of engagement by developing a vision, enhancing influence, and learning to communicate more effectively. Coaching is his passion because he understands how deeply good leadership can impact great companies where people want to work.

Jared has a bachelor’s degree in music composition from Wheaton College and a master of divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.