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Terri Updegraff

Terri Updegraff

Business Development Associate

Based in Sonoma, California

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Why FlashPoint? “A wonderful twist of fate led Terri to work with this team of people committed to others' development and well-being. She loves being part of a team that also does its best to 'walk the talk'.”

You’ll find Terri providing our clients with the creative solutions and tools to help them transform their leaders, as well as coaching leaders to be their best. Terri works with clients who facilitate workshops in their organizations or who are consultants for other organizations. She also manages all aspects of our public Leadership Challenge® Workshops throughout the year. Terri's passion is making workplaces better through great leadership, which she feels provides a positive ripple effect throughout organizations.

Before FlashPoint: Terri worked with The Leadership Challenge® and has seen its power to transform managers into true leaders. Making a positive impact on the lives of people has always been highly motivating to Terri. The thread throughout her career has been a focus on finding strategies for herself and others to learn, grow, and do things better.

Education and Expertise: Terri has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in journalism, and a Master's in Organization Development. She is an LPI® Trained Coach and a facilitator of The Leadership Challenge®, Everything DiSC Workplace®, and The Five Behaviors™.

After Work Hours: Terri is active in the adult education offered through her church. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, listening to live music, cooking, and usually has some home improvement project in progress.

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