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Kaylynn Cline

Digital Media Marketing Coordinator

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

Blog entries by Kaylynn Cline

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Why FlashPoint? ”FlashPoint is a place where I can help individuals find and achieve their fullest potential. It’s rewarding to know that the digital media content I create guides teams to collaborate more effectively and leaders to bring out the best in others”

You’ll find her creating FlashPoint’s digital media content, including but not limited to video, social media graphics, web graphics, and more. She’s also our brand champion, ensuring consistency across all of FlashPoint’s media presence and is constantly researching the latest marketing trends to best promote the FlashPoint brand and attract new clientele while engaging active clients.

Before FlashPoint: Kaylynn came to FlashPoint with experience as an independent contractor for a pharmaceutical company’s Diversity and Inclusion Office, where she created informational videos and graphics about new department initiatives. She also documented office-sponsored events with compelling video.

Education and Expertise: Kaylynn has a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Production and a minor in Critical Communication and Media Studies. During her school years, she served as the event director of her sorority and the Vice President of Programming for the Student Government Association.

After Work Hours: She enjoys meeting up with friends downtown and exploring what the city of Indianapolis has to offer, especially by trying new restaurants. As a huge music fan, she also attends concerts as often as possible at one of the many Indianapolis venues.

Style: Kaylynn is an iS on the DiSC® Profile.