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Gwen Eccles

Project Coordinator

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana


Why FlashPoint? “FlashPoint leads by example to create efficient and productive workplaces in a holistic manner. We empower people to perform as their best selves in and outside of work.”

You’ll find her administering projects with impeccable executing skills – achiever, responsibility, discipline, and belief – balanced on a fulcrum of strong relationships. Things get done; however, her focus is always on people. The heartbeat, the why, for everything Gwen does is her goal to create an environment where all people have a voice and a place. She has a unique skillset that produces an excellent client experience, while investing positively in the community in which she lives and works.

Before FlashPoint: Gwen lived in Oregon. She discovered her passion for organizational systems and development (and that she had a high learning agility!) from a variety of jobs from Optical Manager to Teacher to Professional Baker. FlashPoint aligns with Gwen's career niche of organizational development; she is happy to settle into FlashPoint and call it home.

Education and Expertise: Gwen is working toward a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Education, with minors in Geology and Family and Consumer Sciences.

After Work Hours: Gwen can be spotted out for brunch, on a hiking trail, or studying at a local coffee shop drinking a single origin pour-over. She enjoys adventuring with her husband, doing yoga with friends, and visiting family.

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