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Ashley Quinnie

Associate, Project Coordinator

Based in Spartanburg, South Carolina


Why FlashPoint? “I’ve always wanted to work for a company that shared my values. As a company founded by women and focused on continuous improvement, at FlashPoint I am motivated and encouraged to grow and develop with open communication and a supportive environment. Our service to the client is a top priority, helping to identify the client’s need and provide unique solutions that speak to that need.”

You’ll find her building strong relationships with clients and leaders! Ashley loves learning new things about people and seeing all sides of their interests, inside and outside of work, from what they do to the places they’ve been. She loves using her imagination and creative skills to be hands-on with projects and problem-solving, making sure timelines are on schedule, materials are top-notch, and projects are well-executed. Her drive to excel and learn means you can count on her to ask important questions and continuously seek improvement in the work she does for clients and leaders.

Before FlashPoint: Ashley served as a Business Officer Manager and Human Resources professional for an assisted living facility. Her love for people grew immensely in this role as she was offering support to the staff and giving them tools for success. Her motto is to always leave things better than when she found them.

Education and Expertise: Ashley has an associate degree in graphic design. She has worked as an event planner and social media marketer, tapping into her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to bring other people’s visions to life. This expertise has shown her how hard work pays off, especially being able to plan and prepare for all outcomes.

After Work Hours: You will find Ashley adding to her podcast, hosting family functions and game nights with friends, and enjoying a bit of alone time when she has the chance. She’s passionate about creating, from developing social media content for a friend or making a vision board to doing home DIY projects or finding a reason to dye her hair.

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