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Annie Murphy

Associate Project Coordinator

Based in Wooster, Ohio


Why FlashPoint? “I am grateful to work at a company that places such importance on growth, not only in a professional capacity but on a personal level as well. Feeling cared about and nurtured by coworkers is something FlashPoint does without even trying. I believe that we’re teaching and learning things at FlashPoint that can change the world!”

You’ll find her supporting clients and coworkers from behind the scenes. Annie believes it is important to foster healthy and fruitful relationships with clients and coworkers alike. Attention to detail and precision are her strengths, which helps ensure a positive experience for clients. But most of all, she believes in making that one extra effort – it may seem small to her, but it can be so much bigger to someone on the receiving end.

Before FlashPoint: Annie was a stay at home mom since the birth of her first child in 2000 until all her children were in school in 2013. She has always had a passion for growth and development, both personally and professionally, therefore, working with The Leadership Practices Inventory® was a natural fit. She’s administered assessments and worked closely with clients in a variety of industries and sizes before joining the FlashPoint team to continue that work.

Education and Expertise: Annie attended the University of Kentucky (Big Blue Nation!) where she majored in Psychology with a minor in French.

After Work Hours: Annie has a lot in common with Buddy the Elf - they both love laughing, it’s their favorite. She loves to read, watch movies, watch her boys play baseball, and bake with her daughter. Annie’s husband is on staff with Young Life so she and her family spend a lot of time with high school and college students. Her passion is being with college girls and helping them know they are loved and valued and there is a plan for their lives.

Style: Annie is an S on the DiSC® Profile.

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