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Need help making the case for The Leadership Challenge?

It's an investment, not an expense.

We're here to help:

Scroll down for an email template you can use to help your boss or manager make the decision to invest in your leadership development.

Be prepared to present the best outcome strategy when making the case for investing in your leadership development.

Ask your manager: "What do you see as the best outcome for me leading the team this year?"

If the answer indicates increased employee engagement, increased innovation, improved accountability, and/or more effective identification of emerging leaders, then ask: "Are you willing to invest in my leadership development so I can set the example and develop as an effective leader?"

If the answer is positive, then present your solution: "I'd like to attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop."

Sample Email Template:

SUBJECT LINE: Leadership training opportunity -- I’d like to attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop 


Hi <Insert Your Boss’ Name Here>,

I’m excited to share a strategy I’d like to take for my professional development that will help impact our bottom line. <you may want to customize this first sentence based on your unique role and needs>

As you probably know, effective leadership skills are one of the most admired but least taught skills in business today. Effective leaders manage teams with significantly higher employee engagement, are more innovative, have less turnover, and better identify and develop emerging leaders.

I've found a highly effective 2-day leadership training program called The Leadership Challenge® Workshop provided by FlashPoint Leadership Consulting. The workshop is developed from the research-based model taught and read in business schools and MBA programs across the world.

This program develops expert leaders and I believe that it will help me discover valuable new ways to impact our business as a better manager and understand how to bring out the best in our teams.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included:

*An virtual program with 2 days of instruction, pre-work, homework, and ample practice time, and an opportunity to set development goals

* A leadership 360 assessment to gauge my current leadership abilities, areas to improve, and actionable behaviors to practice based on anonymous and targeted input from my team

*A post-program personal coaching session to make the most of the feedback and areas of focus

* 90-days of digital follow-up tools to revisit goals and continue to practice

The program cost is  $1995.

Bersin by Deloitte research indicates that the average investment for first-level leaders is approximately $2,550 and $3,424 for emerging leaders, so this is very in line with what other organizations are investing in individuals' development goals.

I’d love to attend to be able to provide a strong return on investment as a more effective leader. 

With your permission, I’d like to secure a seat. Here is the date I’d like to attend: 

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop
Thursday, November 2 & Friday, November 3, 2023

This year's dates for The Leadership Challenge® Workshop: https://www.flashpointleadership.com/The-Leadership-Challenge-Public-Workshops

Anything else you might want to read about this program is laid out here:

Engage Leaders With The Leadership Challenge 

Thanks for considering my request.

<Insert Your Name Here>