Cohesion, working together effectively, and producing results are high priorities for teams today more than ever with many leaders working remotely.

FlashPoint's original program, Team Excellence™, is an interactive, facilitated process to support teams as they pursue better alignment and collaboration, no matter the culture, challenges, opportunities, and strengths of your organization.

Team Excellence™ Process and Outcomes

Our Team Excellence™ program features a facilitated process designed to use both individual and team development activities over the course of six months to one year. Teams will follow a dual track of team and individual development utilizing best-in-class pre-work, team assessments, individual coaching, and facilitated team sessions to ensure the team achieves results.

Through a team assessment, focused and actionable retreat, follow-up team observation, coaching, and assessment of progress, we help teams implement and sustain meaningful changes around cohesion and team results. We can deliver this program through in-person, virtual, or both in-person and virtual sessions.

Team Excellence Timeline Graphic

Benefits of Team Excellence™:

  • Teams function at a higher level with less distraction and stress
  • Team members better understand themselves, the personalities on their team, and how they can effectively work together
  • Teams avoid potential problems and conflicts due to lack of understanding of the team’s priorities and agreements for interaction
  • Team members will create a contract about how the team will succeed and help create a culture of accountability
  • Leaders and teams stay on track and keep momentum with the structured yet personalized facilitated process

At FlashPoint, we specialize in helping teams achieve their potential, and our Team Excellence™ program builds and sustains team cohesion and results. Contact us for more information.