We know leadership development is an investment; our goal is to help you maximize the return. Whether you want to develop an individual program strategy or build your company’s overall leadership strategy, with FlashPoint, you'll find solutions that are measurable and lasting:


While interacting within a group is one part of a leadership development experience, it’s also critical that leaders have personal attention during the program. Leaders can leverage a coach to individualize assessment results and skills learned. Our trained coaches help leaders determine how to best apply the concepts in their own environments. We engage leaders’ managers to provide just-in-time feedback on how the leader is growing. Throughout the process, our coaches keep your leaders inspired and passionate about achieving their goals.


Whether you’re looking to build a broad-based mentoring program or one more targeted to a particular development need, we create the program framework, tools, and training to ensure your program achieves lasting results. Simply stated, mentoring is focused on knowledge transfer. It’s about linking a leader to another colleague who can give guidance in navigating the unique aspects of the organization.

Learning Reinforcement

Effective leadership development is more than just delivering a training session and calling it done. To truly grow your leaders’ competencies and change behavior, you need to provide them with tools that reinforce learning. FlashPoint does this through follow-up virtual or in-person sessions, learning bursts, action learning, and reinforcement technology—all to ensure that your leadership development not only “sticks” but also adds deeper value to the organization.

Competencies Development

Competencies articulate what you expect from high-performing leaders and are the foundation for effective leadership development programs. We help you define your competencies, assess your leaders’ current level of effectiveness, and tailor your training programs to develop those competencies.


Assessments boost self-awareness, identify strengths, and provide specific actions for development. FlashPoint has access to hundreds of validated self- and 360-assessments. Additionally, we can customize assessment tools to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Areas of focus include:

  • Behavioral and work styles
  • Leadership and management effectiveness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Team effectiveness
  • Conflict management

Custom Programs

  • Custom-designed training content
  • Assessments
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership conferences and events
  • Action learning
  • Renewal and reinforcement tools
  • Evaluation and measurement tools

Want to see it in action? Read this case study about how we worked with Vera Bradley to customize a leadership development program—Leaders by Design—to be the new umbrella for all leadership programs across the organization, based on The Leadership Challenge® Workshop.

Maximize Growth by Developing Leaders Case Study

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