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Dick Heller, facilitator and coach

Dick heller

Facilitator and Coach

Based in Boston, Massachusetts

Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®

Five Behaviors® Accredited Facilitator

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Dick Heller has been helping organizations and individual leaders see new possibilities for over two decades. During the first part of Dick’s career, he served as a director in public television; since 1995, he has worked in consulting, coaching, and training in leadership development and team effectiveness.

Dick has years of experience working with large multi-national corporations. Leadership development, self-reflection, and personal growth are the fundamental aspects of his approach. He strongly believes that values-based authenticity is key to personal and organizational growth and success, which is why he believes that the best leaders are the best learners.

As a facilitator, he focuses on allowing group interaction to thrive through rich dialogue and exchanging ideas that expand possibilities for the leaders. As such, attendees appreciate his strategy-driven approach, focus, and drive toward realizing the greatest possible results. His goal is to get leaders to stick their neck out and improve themselves and their teams. Dick is always searching for new ways of looking at our lives and ways we can work together more effectively.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in art history from Williams College and a master of fine arts degree from Brandeis University. Dick is an independent contractor with FlashPoint.