From Uncertainty to Opportunity: How One Client Created a Virtual Leadership Summit

recorded webinar

An annual 8-year tradition of our client connecting 360 people leaders through our client's annual Leadership Summit was in jeopardy. Although the pandemic required us to rethink how they could safely deliver this important development opportunity, the question was never whether they would continue, but rather how.

Given their core value of growing people, they weren’t going to let this opportunity be squandered. We rallied and refocused through the uncertainty and ambiguity to create a first ever virtual Leadership Summit. Hear the story of how one organization envisioned and delivered a four-week virtual experience that more deeply embedded their leadership expectations and provided unique connection opportunities through peer coaching circles, networking cafés, targeted all-leader and small group learning sessions, and much more!

We share how they adapted to the challenging circumstances to shift from in-person to a completely virtual yet incredibly meaningful learning experience.  Watch the recording above, and fill out the form on this page to download a copy of the slides. In addition, don't miss our Virtual Facilitation Tips download, for insights into what resonates for participants and tips you can use as a facilitator, or when planning a virtual event.