Maximizing Team Potential with Everything DiSC

Improve Your Team's Collaboration with Everything DiSC® and Catalyst™

Everything DiSC sets anyone on the path to improving culture overall for the organization, as well as having a personalized understanding of how they show up at work and how to improve how they work with others. In this recorded webinar we:

  • Explore a quick overview of the model and its importance in learning
  • Demo the Catalyst™ platform and see Everything DiSC in action
  • Explore case examples
  • Learn how we work with DiSC to help you

Featured Expert: Bill Mugavin

Bill MugavinBill brings to the FlashPoint team lessons from his 25 years of management experience in the nonprofit, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries. His background includes operations management, training management, and international consulting at large global firms, including HSBC North America, where he led global teams in training, customer service, collections and other operational areas.

Bill is a D on the DiSC® Profile, and is a Certified Everything DiSC® Facilitator.