Leadership is Everyone's Business® (LIEB) is a fast-paced, highly experiential workshop introducing new, emerging, and aspiring leaders to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and beginning them on their leadership journey. This eight-hour program is designed specifically to encourage reflection for high-potential, new, or emerging leaders and provide an introduction to the leadership behaviors that will help them build credibility, engage team members, and encourage innovation. An LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®  self-assessment woven throughout the program challenges emerging leaders to focus on identifying their own values and areas of improvement and take ownership of their leadership journey. 

LIEB is part of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop suite of programs.

What is the audience for this program?

The LIEB workshop is designed specifically for individual contributors or high-potentials—people in organizations who have the capacity to lead and influence others, but don’t yet have formal management responsibilities. It's intended as an introductory course, or companion to an organizational rollout of the full two-day Leadership Challenge® Workshop, which provides a deeper dive on leadership for leaders.

How does this program meet your organization's needs?

  • Introduces leadership to new or newly promoted employees
  • Reinforces a common leadership language and framework throughout the organization
  • Integrates organizationally with the more intensive two-day The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

As a result of attending this program, your emerging leaders will:

  • Understand how The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® impact effective leadership and employee engagement
  • Learn a common leadership language 
  • Apply leadership behaviors to real workplace challenges
  • Feel inspired and committed to their own leadership development and journey
  • Benchmark their current leadership behaviors and engage in self-reflection with an LPI® self-assessment

LIEB emerging leaders program at a glance:

  • Designed for 25-30 leaders
  • One-day experiential, modular program that is easy to implement
  • LPI® self-assessment—easily implemented
  • Proven behavioral leadership outcomes