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Improve Team Cohesion When Faced With Change

Excellent teams power through uncertainty

Create Team Excellence in Uncertain Times   Get Help

Today’s rapidly changing environment means your teams must come together and execute more effectively than ever before.

How FLashpoint Can Help Your Teams be more effective

1. Team retreats to focus on cohesiveness and effectiveness.

  • Improve teamwork by focusing on building stronger connections, strengthening the team’s communication, and uniting team members around a common vision.
  • Contact us to learn more.

2. Build and sustain team results.

  • Team Excellence program: Our team excellence program improves cohesion and team results. Through a team assessment, focused and actionable retreat, follow-up team observation, coaching, and assessment of progress, we help teams implement and sustain meaningful changes to improve effectiveness.
    • Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about the program.
  • Accelerate™ New Leader and Team Assimilation: Whether you've hired a new leader or promoted someone to lead a new or existing team, support the leader and team members as they set a strong foundation. This program partners with the team to establish ways of working together, promote accountability, and understand communication.

3. Improve team communication and cohesion.

  • The Five Behaviors™: Personal Development: Cross-functional team members learn how to develop good habits, contribute to a culture of teamwork and collaboration, and understand their ownership in establishing effective teams.
    • Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about this program.
  • Everything DiSC® Workplace: How your team works together – their “style” and preferred ways to communicate – is critical during times of complexity and change. Build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles with Everything DiSC® programs.
    • Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about this program.
  • Team Coaching: During a series of coaching sessions, our experienced coaches help teams identify where they want to focus development and create action-oriented solutions. Team coaching is geared toward the team's unique needs and can be paired with any other team development programs to support teams as they implement what they're learning.

Resources for teams on learning to communicate and connect better: