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What is it Like to Attend The Coaching Clinic?


An Insider's Guide to Becoming a Manager-Coach

It's beyond a dream, it's now becoming a reality. More and more we hear about organizations that want to build a culture of coaching – and we have some practical ways to do that, starting with engaging your managers with The Coaching Clinic™.

The Coaching Clinic™ provides the individual attendee an opportunity to learn coaching skills and a conversation model that can be applied to everything they do as a leader. But participants get so much more, including discussion around how cultures can shift from a more traditional, hierarchical style to one that leverages input from all and encourages a more inquisitive, curious approach to interacting.

Participants walk away with some practical knowledge that will help them – and their organization –take “baby steps” to start that movement. And it happens. We see it happen in amazing ways. 

By now you should see how attendance at the Coaching Clinic can have an impact on both the attendee and the organization. Now, let’s talk about what to expect with your experience and how to get the most out of it:

Tips to make the most of it

  • Carefully think about the situations you bring to the workshop

No role playing in the Coaching Clinic! By using real-life situations that you want to receive coaching on, you’ll be able to focus on real solutions. That means you can take home actions to use immediately in your work and personal life! To get the most benefit, it’s important to select real situations you are currently experiencing or have experienced.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

It may feel odd or uncomfortable at first to be coached on situations in your life or work, especially by someone you don’t know well. But this is exactly what coaching is all about – unlocking the answers that you have inside of you, instead of having someone else try to offer suggestions. Trust the process – participants in our workshops repeatedly tell us that the practice coaching sessions are the most helpful and most transformative part of the workshop.

  • Expect lots of practicing (and enjoy it!)

You’ll both coach others and be coached by others multiple times during the workshop. This is your chance to try out your coaching skills and benefit from the skills of those around you, so we recommend really engaging in these sessions. 

  • Take full advantage of your reference materials

The handouts and reminder cards are there to help you remember the model and concepts until they become second nature. Don’t forget to use them during your practice sessions as the coach!

  • Take it back to your organization

Whether you have multiple team members at the workshop or you’re the only one, you’ll be thinking about your organization and the impact coaching can have on the culture. You’ll identify at least one upcoming organization challenge your organization will be facing in the next 12 months and you’ll identify how coaching can shift the outcome of that challenge. And (here’s where the practical tips come in) you’ll walk away from the Clinic with resources and skills to be the catalyst for that shift. Nothing says value more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop yourself and to add that additional value to your organization. The Coaching Clinic is a great place to start building coaching skills for your managers.

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 Learn more about The Coaching Clinic™ by downloading our overview here.

Photo by  Jan Genge on Unsplash

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Linda Dausend

Linda Dausend CPLP, is a senior consultant at FlashPoint. Linda collaborates with clients to unlock the power of great leaders within their organizations.