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Madison Horth

Associate Project Coordinator

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

Blog entries by Madison Horth

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Why FlashPoint? “We are a company filled with passionate and talented individuals who work together to deliver targeted leadership services for each individual client, making each customer’s experience unique.”

You’ll find her day in, day out, actively listening and offering continuous support to all team members. Madison works side-by-side with each consultant to make sure that they are readily equipped with all proper materials for a project to guarantee a great client experience. She stays up-to-date on inventory, internal and external events, and everything in between. To ensure this, Madison actively listens. She gives her full attention to what all team members are saying, taking time to thoroughly understand all project details, and asking clarifying questions to gain additional knowledge to deliver and exceed all expectations for the client.

Before FlashPoint: Madison joined FlashPoint as an Orr Fellow, a unique program for recent graduates that want to gain invaluable business experience, receive executive-level mentorship at their host companies, and be centered around a talented peer network. Madison joined the Orr Fellowship because of the endless supply of opportunities to capitalize on her diverse educational background. With a passion for multiple disciplines, she decided to major in psychology so that she could have the best of both worlds—a world of science and the reflection of the human element. She realized that in the field of leadership consulting, just as in psychology, she could apply her passion for research and data to help people and companies grow.

Education and Expertise: Madison has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She took advantage of the opportunities afforded by a liberal arts school by minoring in Spanish and business administration.

After Work Hours: Madison can often be found doing three things—enjoying outdoors, spending time with family, or reading a romance novel while drinking tea.   

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